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Hetman Office Recovery 4.5 + Portable

Hetman Office Recovery will help you recover important documents from both healthy and damaged drives. The program uses a number of algorithms that allow you to recover documents from formatted and newly partitioned disks, devices with file system and boot area damage. A special mode is available for working with worn out and unstable drives.

Despite the technical complexity of the algorithms used in the utility, anyone can use it. To fully restore documents, you just need to specify the type of scan and the device on which the files to be recovered are stored. Everything else the program will do automatically. You just have to select the desired files and specify the device to which they will be saved.

Recovery of Microsoft Office and Open Office files
The existence of the “Recycle Bin” in Windows sometimes leads to the loss of important files through negligence. The habit that deleted files can always be retrieved from the “Recycle Bin” leads to a loss of caution. At the same time, lack of free disk space, a failure in the file system, accidental use of the “Shift” + “Delete” combination, or deleting a file from a program that does not support working with the “Recycle Bin” leads to the deletion of the file.

Restoring Office files after formatting
Formatting in “fast” mode in most cases does not destroy data: only the contents of the file system are cleared. In the case of NTFS, only the contents of the initial area of ​​the file system are cleared. This fact allows you to recover all or almost all documents saved on a formatted drive. The same applies to devices from which old partitions have been deleted and new ones created. The utility will be able to find deleted partitions and restore documents.

Restoring Microsoft Office and Open Office files after a system crash
If only a few bits in the initial area of ​​the disk are damaged, Windows will not be able to read the partition configuration, as a result of which the disk will not be recognized by the system. The main thing in such cases is not to panic. Any operations to restore damaged system structures should be carried out only after all important data has been extracted from the disk.

Recovering documents deleted by mistake
Attempts to “improve the performance” of a laptop or tablet by “optimizing” the disk system are one of the most common reasons for contacting our company. Users of various “optimizers” delete important files and system registry entries with their own hands, clear the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin, and destroy the contents of areas that store information for system recovery in case of critical failures.

Recovering Unsaved Documents
Closed your text editor or spreadsheet and forgot to save a document? Computer freezes or reboots while working? The product will restore the document’s intermediate state, even if you didn’t explicitly save it. The trick is that Microsoft Office programs periodically (and quite regularly) save the current state of the document to a special temporary file. The utility will restore this file, thus returning the contents of the unsaved document.

Recovers documents from memory cards and USB drives
Mobile and external devices are exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity for precision electronics. If you remove the USB flash drive during recording, you may not only lose data from the current file, but also damage the file system. Given that most memory cards and USB drives are formatted with the FAT file system, such damage can be critical, and Windows will prompt you to format the device.

Restoring Microsoft Office and Open Office files from a failed drive
Unstable operation of the hard disk, constant computer freezes, as well as an increase in the number of “bad” blocks or the “Reallocated Sector Count” parameter in the SMART diagnostics are possible signs of an imminent device failure. The program captures a bitwise image of the device, while reading information is done as a single read operation. This method allows you to minimize the movement of the magnetic heads of the disk and increase the likelihood of a successful operation.

Hetman Office Recovery recovers documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 formats, as well as in OpenOffice format. The following file types are supported:
• DOCX – Microsoft Word Document;
• DOC – Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document;
• DOT – Document Template;
• XLS – Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document;
• XLSX – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

In addition to Microsoft Word and Excel documents, the program recovers documents in the OpenDocumet format used in Open Office, Libre and Star Office packages. The following formats are supported:
• ODT – OpenDocument Text Document;
• ODS – OpenDocument Spreadsheet.

The utility supports the following file types:
PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format;
PDB – Document File;
RTF – Rich Text Format File;
WPD – WordPerfect Document;
WRI – Windows Write Document;

Support for all types of drives
The product supports all types of drives, including hard drives, solid state drives (SSD, memory cards, USB drives), external storage devices and RAID systems.

All versions of FAT / exFAT, NTFS / ReFS, APFS / HFS+, Ext2 / 3 / 4 / ReiserFS and XFS / UFS file systems are supported. On NTFS drives, recovery of compressed and encrypted files, as well as alternate streams, is supported. Recovery from RAID arrays is only supported from healthy arrays.

OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP Download Hetman Office Recovery 4.5 (17 MB):

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