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Learn about the details of the Diablo Immortal game update titled Descent into the Abyss

Diablo Immortal welcomes a new update called The Abyss of Sanctuary, which continues to expand Diablo Immortal into the next phase of the Age of Destruction, introducing new late-game systems, activities, and more.

The brink of the abyss:

This action-packed, open-world monster hunting experience challenges groups of up to four players to navigate a journey through a portal to a nebula-filled world while killing as many monsters as possible in the process. A wandering creature known as the Fearmonger stalks players in a late-game activity. Players must stay within a designated safe zone before ending up facing a final boss.


Modeled after the Purge of the Deep mode, up to four players compete against the clock to collect as many chests as possible, without getting killed by traps or monsters. Explore the castle to find hidden chests as you progress towards the final chest.

Once the final chest appears, players will have 30 seconds to find it and return to the castle entrance without dying. What is the challenge? They must also escape from an invincible boss pursuing them!

 Runic system and equipment:

Diablo Immortal introduces the Rune System, which allows players to freely upgrade their gear and rise to new heights of power. Runes can be found in drops that drop after defeating enemies, and you can attach runes to legendary gear or combine them to form higher level runes.

The item evolution will add up to three additional attachments to Legendary gear, and for more information on the Abyss of Doom, check out the game’s official blog post here , and be sure to also check out the newest Diablo Immortal class that was recently launched, called the Cyclone, and enjoy a unique experience with this major update.

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