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CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat | Orbit Always Undetected Hack

This CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat is the most safe hacking software you can get for Counter-Strike 2 and contains a big set of features, including aimbot, ESP, wallhack, bhop, and triggerbot, while keeping your account safe from any bans by the Valve Anti Cheat system.

What is CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat & Why Should You Use It?

After the quick introduction you have read above, this CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat  may have aroused your interest, and you might be curious about how it exactly works, how it keeps you safe, and why you should even consider using it.

To answer the first one, as mentioned above, this CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat is a cheat that uses drivers to operate on the kernel-level of your system, a.k.a. the lowest level. Since the cheat runs on that level, other normal programs that run in the user mode simply do not have access to what is happening in the kernel mode and cannot detect what is running there. This is absolutely amazing, as Valve’s anti cheat, VAC, runs in user mode, and since this free C2 cheat does not write to the game’s memory whatsoever, it is completely undetected and will continue to be so.

This is exactly why you should use it, as there is simply no reason for you not to use it:

  • It is safe; you do not have to worry about any detection at all
  • It is updated and will be kept updated as long as you come back to our website for the newer versions
  • It will also let you enjoy the game on a brand new and much more exciting level, while helping you rise to the ranks that could not have imagined before

How to Use the CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat

Requirements & VAC Status

  • Only works in windowed fulscreen (borderless OR windowed
  • Available on the latest version of Windows 10 (22H2) and 11 (23H2).
  • Since this is a read-only kernel cheat, there is no chance of getting banned, You can safely use it on your main; just make sure not to get reported

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat from the download link below
  2. Extract the files into any folder you want
  3. Press Windows Key + R
  4. Type appdata and press Ok
  5. Click Roaming
  6. Put the “Orbit” folder here
  7. After that, run all the .reg (registry) files in the Orbit folder
  8. Disable any anti-virus software or even delete them
  9. Disable core isolation from Windows Defender settings
  10. Uninstall any anti-cheat software on your PC, such as Vanguard, Easy-Anti-Cheat or FaceIT
  11. Reboot your PC
  12. Then run the hack
  13. And enjoy your brand new Counter-Strike 2 cheat!

Best free CS2 hack | Undetected | Kernel | Read-only - YouTube

CS2 Free External Kernel Cheat Full Features

  • Aimbot
    • Weapon selection
    • Aim with X / Y smoothing
    • Recoil with X / Y smoothing
    • Visible check
    • Hitbox selection including nearest
    • Adjustable FOV with visualiser
    • Adjustable target switch delay
    • Triggerbot with delay and velocity check
    • Magnetic triggerbot with deadzone
  • Visuals
    • Bones
    • Box visible and invisible
    • Player name
    • Weapon name with icon
    • Dynamic and gradient healthbar
    • Flag selection with C4 carrier, defuser, kevlar, helmet
    • Bomb info with site, timer, defuse, explosion
    • Callout info with place and entity count
    • Step circle with 3D rendering
    • Spectator list
  • Miscellaneous
    • Hide the cheat from recording programs
    • Show tooltips next to features
    • -99 nade
    • Bhop macro
  • Bonus
    • Config system with preload functionality
    • Different menu themes
    • Adjustable menu color
    • Overlay modifier (V-Sync, 60hz, 120hz, 240hz)
    • Killswitch


Winrar Password: 123

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