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Mango AI is a revolutionary new player in the dynamic world of digital content production.

Using only text and photos, you can create professional-quality videos. Mango AI uses sophisticated AI algorithms to convert static material into interactive films.

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Mango AI: Makes Video Creation a Breeze

The thought of having to put together interesting video content might be overwhelming. Scriptwriting, filming, and editing all take a lot of time and require special skills. But what if you could create videos that appear professional with just a few lines of text?

With the use of artificial intelligence, Mango AI can take your textual content and turn it into engaging videos. Just type in your script, and Mango AI will handle everything else—no filming or expensive editing tools required.

Unleash the Power of AI-Generated Videos

Mango AI boasts a suite of features that make video creation effortless:

1. Text-to-Animation

Transforming text into animation is a breeze. Your words take on new life with a wide variety of AI avatars, drawing in more viewers and strengthening your message.

2. Text and Image to Video

Make videos that will captivate audiences by combining text and visuals. Your videos will stand out with the help of Mango AI’s talking avatars.

3. Talking Heads Videos

Imagine a computer-generated avatar narrating a conversation with subtitles in front of the camera. Now you can give your videos a more personalized feel.

4. Talking Photos

Create engaging presentations from static portrait photos. To create captivating visual content, Mango AI effortlessly combines your photos with realistic avatars.

Key Features:

  • Using an animated AI character, make a video out of still images and text.
  • Using subtitles, record an AI character interacting with the camera in real-time.
  • Avatars provide an immersive and lifelike experience by modelling their motions and expressions after those of actual people.
  • There is a pre-made video template for everything, and some of them are even editable. Now it’s easier than ever to make stunning AI videos, and they’re also available in vertical format.
  • The program incorporates an artificial intelligence voice generator to convert text into speech. You can choose from a variety of AI voices, including those of children, adults, and all sexes, to suit the mood and style of the videos.
  • Users may create unique and personalized AI avatars by superimposing their faces onto pre-existing portrait images using the Face Swap feature.
  • Among its many customization options are the ability to alter the film’s aspect ratio (16:9, 9:16), video resolution (576P, 720P, and 1080P), and the soundtrack.

Mango AI Free for 6 Months:

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That’s it. You have access to a 6-month subscription for free.

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MangoAI unlocks the magic of AI video creation. This tool changes the game for everyone who uses it, whether in the marketing, teaching, or content creation industries. Try this unique AI video generator.

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