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Conquer Online – Primordial Spirit – (New feature coming soon!)


●Primordial Spirit:
1. Overlord, Artemis and War God. (Only souls of ninth level and above can be removed or exchanged from the soul inventory)

●Primordial Primordial Spirit- Newly added Oracles:
1. Oracle Fragments (cannot be traded), Dark Night Oracle (cannot be traded), Starlight Oracle, Moon Shadow Oracle, Dawn Oracle, Chenguang Oracle, Holy Glory Oracle

● Primordial Spirit Cultivation:
1. You can use the materials related to the oracle to increase the progress of primordial spirit cultivation. After progress reaches 100%, it will be possible to improve attributes and advancements can be made.
2. Tenth level spirits can continue to practice and accumulate experience points to increase their scores. Remembering that increased scores will not increase your strength attributes, i.e. it will only be used for rating statistics.

● Primordial Spirit Level:
1. You can consume 2 Spirit Stone of the same stage, if the spirit is level 1, it will have a 100% chance of leveling up.
2. If the level advancement fails, the spirit will obtain the effects of the level it should have leveled up over a period of time.

Example: `I’m level 1, I wanted to go to level 2, I failed! For 24 hours you will have level 2 attributes
● Obtain/Summon Primal Spirit:
1. You can consume Light runes or Shadow runes, and you may have a chance to obtain a primordial spirit, and the soul training materials.

● Activate/Summon Primal Spirit:
1. Players can only activate one Primordial Spirit at a time and gain the active and passive abilities provided by it.
2. The Primordial Spirit, activated, can be summoned by the hero. Remembering that when summoning the spirit, its abilities contain an energetic value, and recover over time.
3. Once summoned, he will remain by your side for a period of time.
4. If the spirit is a tenth level soul, when it is mortally wounded, it will help the HERO resist missing damage, and will then immediately disappear (going on cooldown).

●Oracle Synthesis:
1. Two identical oracles can be combined to obtain a new oracle of random quality.

●Rank list:
1. A new primordial spirit list has been added to count the total score of souls in the three temples.
2. The top three players can obtain the primordial blessing effect

Percentage to get oracle!

I used it to improve the spirit’s attributes!

If you obtain identical spirits, you can use them to improve your skill level

1. The primordial spirit’s passive ability always remains active(selected only), even without being invoked.

2. When summoning the primordial spirit, you receive three active skills


There is no profession(class) restriction. However, there are equipment restrictions. In other words, you must use your profession(class) equipment or universal item.

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