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Rofus Fortnite AI Aim Assist Hack (NVIDIA ONLY)


Welcome to my Rofus Fortnite AI Aim Assist Hack (NVIDIA ONLY) project!

(if you get banned or) if someone tells you they got banned note that they are prob lying. Then note this doesn’t overwrite the memory of any game meaning if someone reports you in game you will not get banned but if someone reports you manually and they have some proof that they aiming looks sus then you can get banned, so if you feel like you don’t want to take the risk (which is like 1 in 1000 that you will get banned) i have used this for 2 weeks and nothing have happend to me (I PERSONALLY THINK IT’S SAFE TO USE)

How to install and use:

You need to download python for this script to work

When you installed python open the .bat file called “install_requirements”

After the CMD closes it’s done installing ( Might need to download an extra pip directory called bettercam just do “pip install bettercam” in a CMD )

When it’s done, open start.bat and wait for lunar vision to open, then you can open fortnite, once you’re in a game, press F1 and now just click the aim key ( right mouse button )

Make sure your in-game sens is set to 10 on both x and y, and targeting sens to 100%

(Has to be borderless windowed)

Fully UD because it doesn’t interact with game memory or writes anything to the game


Features of Rofus Fortnite AI Aim Assist Hack (NVIDIA ONLY)
  • Aimassist
  • Ai
  • Nvidia Hack

Download Now

Click on the image below the arrows and it will download automatically


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