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Rumor: Leaked images of deleted bosses from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Rumor: Leaked images of deleted bosses from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We return to get the details about the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 through the hack suffered by the development team Insomniac Games, and according to a new set of leaked files, Venom is not the only opponent of the Symbiotes who were planning to appear in the game!

The leaks show designs for a canceled group of leaders who represent the other Symbiote characters, namely Riot, Lasher, Agony, and Phager, which are characters that appeared in the comics and each of which is distinguished by a characteristic that the other does not have. The leaks also indicate that the appearance of Venom in the game was planned for the second chapter of the story before He moved it to a later chapter, focusing on the Life Foundation, which was conducting research on these creatures.

We previously learned that a small percentage of the texts for the character Venom appeared in the final version of the game, and the leaks also indicated that Venom will get its own game in the year 2025, and perhaps these characters and these deleted chapters from the story will be transferred to that game.



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