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Out of Line and The Forest Quartet Free on Epic Games Store

Out of Line and The Forest Quartet Box Shot

Tired of the same old shooters and battle royales? Looking to expand your gaming horizons? Then you’ll want to claim these two intriguing indie titles that Epic is offering for free right now.

First up is Out of Line, a minimalist puzzle game with a one-of-a-kind twist. Then there’s The Forest Quartet, a narrative adventure game that unfolds through four short yet emotionally powerful stories.

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Out of Line: A Hand-Drawn Puzzle Platformer

This is a hand-drawn 2D puzzle platformer that follows the adventures of San, a young man on a quest to escape a mysterious factory.

The game’s stunning visuals and atmospheric soundtrack create a captivating world for players to explore.

Despite its mixed reviews, Out of Line’s unique art style and challenging puzzles make it a worthwhile experience for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of indie games.

Out of Line Game

Why You Should Play Out of Line

  • Beautiful art style: Out of Line has a hand-drawn art style that is both unique and visually stunning. The game’s world is full of colourful and imaginative environments that are sure to capture your attention.
  • Challenging puzzles: Out-of-Line puzzles are challenging but fair. You’ll need to use your brain and your platforming skills to solve them.
  • Unique gameplay mechanic: Out of Line’s unique gameplay mechanic allows you to control your spear independently of your character. This opens up a lot of possibilities for solving puzzles and navigating the environment.

The Forest Quartet: A Short Indie Game with a Hopeful Story

This is a short indie game with a hopeful story and a unique jazz soundtrack.

Developed by the same team behind the critically acclaimed game “The Line,” The Forest Quartet offers players a different perspective on life and death.

Although the game has also received mixed reviews, its innovative storytelling and captivating soundtrack make it a must-play for fans of narrative-driven games.

The Forest Quartet Game

Why You Should Play The Forest Quartet

  • Heartwarming story: The Forest Quartet is a heartwarming story about friendship and overcoming grief. The game’s characters are well-developed and relatable, and the story will stay with you long after you finish playing.
  • Beautiful jazz soundtrack: The Forest Quartet’s jazz soundtrack is simply beautiful. It perfectly complements the game’s atmosphere and story.
  • Unique puzzle-solving mechanics: The Forest Quartet features unique puzzle-solving mechanics that involve using Nina’s ghost powers. These puzzles are challenging but fun to solve.


Grab Them While You Can!

Grab these two games for free on the Epic Games Store, but act fast! This offer only lasts for a week, starting today and ending on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Once you claim them, they’re yours to keep forever. Don’t hesitate–add these games to your library today!

To get them, either click on the links below in your browser or open the Epic Games Store client on your desktop, search for the games, add them to your cart, and check out.


Out of Line:

The Forest Quartet:


Out of Line and The Forest Quartet are two very different games, but they both offer unique and enjoyable experiences.

If you’re looking for two new games to play, I highly recommend checking them out. Both games are free in the Epic Games Store until September 28, 2023.

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