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PCmover Profile Migrator by Laplink for Free 2023

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PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM) by Laplink makes it easy to move apps, files, and settings between user profiles on the same computer.

This Laplink Software will automatically move data, files, programs, and settings from an old user profile to a new one on the same PC.

Once it is set up, Windows PC profile data could be a collection of important features and settings that are important to a person’s workflow and the way their PC works. Making a similar profile can be difficult.


As the name suggests, PCmover Profile Migrator is made to allow users to move their profile data from one computer to another using a simple wizard that lets them choose which data to keep and which to throw away.

PCmover Profile Migrator UI

The application will move the whole user profile during the migration process, but the user can choose which apps, settings, and other crucial aspects to move first using the migration wizard.

You’ll be able to move everything to the user account itself, including music, apps, and documents. PPM has a detailed source and target selection dialogue that lets users choose their favourite transfer strategy. This will help with the migration process even more.

Lastly, the whole process of migration is fully automated, so users can handle their data at their own pace.

PPM is the best way to set up PCs that are being moved to Azure Active Directory, especially those that use Microsoft 365 Business. From the old Local Active Directory (LAD) users to the new Azure Active Directory (AAD) users, apps, data, and settings are quickly and easily moved over.

Use PPM when:

  • Migration of a single Windows PC with Local or Local Active Directory User Profile(s) to Azure Active Directory.
  • Migrating a single Windows 7/8/10 PC with Local or Local Active Directory User Profile(s) to a new Local Active Directory.
  • Hardware replacement of PC with Local or Local Active Directory User Profile(s).

Laplink PCmover Profile Migrator Features:

  • Migrates apps, data, and settings from one user profile to another on the same computer.
  • It allows any two users on a PC send files to each other.
  • Ideal for moving information from an old user profile on an old domain to a new user profile on a new domain.
  • Use it to move to Azure Active Directory or Local Active Directory.
  • Good for projects that replace hardware.
  • Compatible with Windows 11.

PCmover Profile Migrator Giveaway:

Laplink is offering $29.95 worth of PCmover Profile Migrator for free-for-all users. This free offer will be available till October 31, 2023.

To claim this freebie, visit this giveaway page.


PCmover Profile Migrator Giveaway

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