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Game Fire Pro 7: How to Get a Free 1 Year License

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Game Fire Pro 7 is the latest version of Smart PC Utilities’ famous software for boosting game performance. It improves the speed and stability of your PC, making games more enjoyable.

Gaming has become a mainstream activity enjoyed by individuals of all ages. You want to get the most out of your games, whether you’re a casual player or a pro. Unfortunately, PC gaming has its share of hiccups, such as lags, crashes, and interruptions.

Many gamers use tools like Game Fire Pro 7 to solve this problem. We’ll get into what Game Fire Pro 7 is and how it can help you in this article. Plus, how to get a 1-year license for this software for free.


Game Fire Pro UI

What is Game Fire Pro 7?

Normal computer settings may be ideal for writing documents or browsing the web, but they aren’t optimal for gaming. Game Fire is an application that was made to speed up games.

If you use this software, you should be able to play the latest games at optimal speed and quality.

The app’s user interface and design are intuitive enough for first-timers to pick up quickly.

Improve your PC’s performance and have more fun playing games with this game booster program. It defragments RAM, disables background processes, and turns off unused features to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Game Fire Pro System Optimizer feature

Key Features:

  • In Game Mode, your computer is optimized for gaming by disabling non-essential services and programs.
  • The System Optimizer feature lets you change your PC’s settings to get the best gaming performance.
  • Provides on-the-fly optimization, meaning your system’s performance may be fine-tuned without interrupting gameplay.
  • A centralized game launcher makes it simple to access all of your games at once.
  • Improves your gaming experience by a large margin by enhancing system performance and dependability to do away with lags in-game and increase frames-per-second.
  • It’s Windows-based, so it can play any PC game, and it’s compatible with all Windows versions.
  • Lets you change your settings to meet your own gaming needs.

Game Fire Pro 7 – Free 1-Year License:

The pro version of Game Fire, normally $17.95 for a year, is currently available for free on the SOS website.

If you’re interested in getting a license code, please follow the instructions below.

First, because the SOS website is notorious for sending spam mail, you should utilize a disposable email service like temp mail to enter this offer.


    • Visit this Giveaway page.
    • Click the “Download” button.
    • Next, click “I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!”, then enter your email address and any other mandatory information, and hit the “Give it to me now” button on the resulting minor form.

Note: Use a disposable email id such as Temp mail.

    • Look in your mailbox for an email from the SOS website; it contains the license key.
    • Download the software from the developer page or from here [23.8 MB].

Note: Don’t use the SOS installer.

  • Launch the app after installation and click “Register” on the main screen.
  • Register by providing your name, email, and license code.

Game Fire Pro License key

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