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After the death of Stadia, PlayStation wants to return to the world of cloud gaming

Playstation cloud games

It seems that Sony and PlayStation want to return to the world of cloud games, especially after the exit of the Internet giant Google from the scene after the closure of the Stadia cloud platform.

The matter began with a new recruitment advertisement that appeared on the Internet to include specialists in the field of cloud gaming technology, to take over 22 different positions describing in one direction, which is developing and presenting the strategic vision for broadcasting cloud games on the PlayStation.

Most of these positions describe “As a member of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (FTG) Future Technology Group, you will have the opportunity to lead the cloud gaming revolution. FTG is at the forefront of putting console-quality video games on any other device.

FTG is supposed to research and develop other devices such as PSVR headsets and game consoles, in addition to working on some specialized software. In addition, dozens of new patents filed between 2022 and 2023 appear in the announcement, some of which were written by PlayStation 5 and 4 architect Mark Cerny, indicating that the company is very interested in cloud gaming technology .

Recently, strong rumors have surfaced indicating that Sony is working on a PlayStation Portable . The interesting thing is that this device will focus on the remote play feature, while it requires a permanent connection to the Internet, apparently referring to cloud play support. Also, what is interesting about it, and according to the information provided, this device will not support playing games alone, and it will need to be connected to the PlayStation 5 .

In any case, we cannot deny that the field of cloud games has witnessed great expansions in recent years, and it seems that this field will be of great importance during the next few years.

Microsoft, for its part, puts a large part of its investments in the field of video games in favor of the cloud service that is closely interconnected with the Game Pass service, while Google exited this field after the failure of the Stadia platform, so the field remains largely open for Sony to enter the competition.

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