Ashampoo Privacy Inspector 1.00.10 + Portable

Ashampoo Privacy Inspector 1.00.10 + Portable

Windows collects extensive logs about what you do and when you do it on your PC. Both offline and online. So what’s going on and, most importantly, what can you do about it? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector will lift the veil of secrecy and show you what has been logged. And of course you can delete this data and restore your privacy!

• View used items in an easy-to-use view
• Securely delete sensitive usage data
• Analyze the browsing behavior of all users
• Many search filters for fast and accurate results
• View information about the time and frequency of page views
• View detailed information about activity in Internet
• Remove what other cleaners have left untouched
• View and delete download history
• Analyze search behavior and identify frequently used queries
• Keep an eye on logins and data entered
• Erase browsing traces and usage logs
• Turn off telemetry and unwanted communications
• Protect your data and privacy
• Restrict app permissions
• Prevent location tracking, data syncing, and ad personalization

What items were used, how often, and when?
Information about open files and folders associated with the user is constantly collected without your notice. Do you want to know how much information is collected about your PC work? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector Tells You! Find out what’s going on behind the scenes while you use your computer. Use filters to narrow your results and delete them at your leisure!

How much does your PC know about your online behavior? You will be surprised…
You can use ad blockers, VPNs and other means to surf the Internet anonymously, but you still leave clear traces of search queries, data entered and pages visited on your PC! Use Ashampoo Privacy Inspector to view not only your footprints, but other users of your computer as well. Apply filters to focus on what’s important to you. View data from Chrome, Edge and Firefox, and delete everything that should not be saved!

Track your steps online
There are times when you need to keep track of your most recent online activities. How did you end up on this page and what were you looking for? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector helps you analyze your web sessions by giving you an expanded list or tree that contains all your online activities. Relive your browsing history and never lose the right page again.

Literally reloading search and download history
Take full control of your download and search history. Source, file size, download time – with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector, everything is at your fingertips. And not only yours, but also other computer users! And don’t worry – the built-in filters will help you identify and remove confidential information in no time. Do you want to visit the page again, but forgot which one? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector will help you with this too!

Logins and Browsers
Many sites these days require us to log in with a dedicated username and password. And where did you leave your login details today? What kind of information did you enter into the forms and how often did you visit the relevant pages? Enjoy 100% transparency and accuracy with Ashampoo Privacy Inspector!

More privacy for you
Ashampoo Privacy Inspector has everything you need to limit excessive Windows data collection. Turn off telemetry and location services, password sync, and Cortana. And if you’re using a Windows tablet with handwriting, you might want to know that Windows sends sample writing, so be sure to turn that off too! And you only need a few clicks!

Wipe out web traces
If you like brevity and clarity, you’ll love the overview page. It displays information about all cached files, cookies, as well as session data. Whitelist important cookies and delete the rest to free up space!

Recover deleted files
By the way, about deleted data. Have you ever accidentally deleted an important file? Ashampoo Privacy Inspector can restore it for you! Select a disk, and the program will provide a list of all deleted files. Along with the ability to restore them individually. Here’s a lifesaver!

Supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 Download Ashampoo Privacy Inspector 1.00.10 (9 MB):

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Download portable program Ashampoo Privacy Inspector 1.00.10 (8.7 MB):

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