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Xmas Miracle Factory – the Global Xmas Event – Conquer Online 2022


Event: Xmas Miracle Factory
Duration: 00:00, Dec. 20, 2022 – 07:59, Jan. 4, 2023(US Server Time)
Requirement: Level 80


Name: Bear Director
Location: (TwinCity 372,444)
Function: quest guidance, reward exchange

Name: Bear Store
Location: (TwinCity 371,452)
Function: CP Mall

Main Item:

Name: Xmas Wishing Star
Description: Use to speed up production and delivery of gifts. After 07:59, Jan. 4, 2023, it will become 10 Chi Points.

Name: Xmas Miracle Piece
Description: Complete the gift delivery to get it. Use to help Delivery Bears and get rewards. After 07:59, Jan. 4, 2023, it will become 10 Chi Points.

Name: Glow Stick
Description: Use to vote for the Christmas Hut you like. Join in the vote to get good rewards like Universal Rune Essences (B)/+3 Stones (B)/Bright Star Stones. After 07:59, Jan. 4, 2023, it will become 10 Chi Points.

Name: Glittery Xmas Miracle
Description: Use to enter Santa Claus`s secret base. After 07:59, Jan. 4, 2023, it will become 10 Chi Points.

Event Details:

1. Xmas Miracle Factory presents dazzling surprises!

The gift factory built by Santa Claus is working hard to produce Christmas gifts for everyone! Santa Claus even hired some bears to deliver gifts more efficiently!

But the factory has been cursed and bad things are happening one after another!

Please solve these troubles and ensure the production of gifts.

Great! Bears have got back in form! You are he guardian of Xmas Miracles!

2. Perfect deliverymen: cute bears!

Bears are here! Production? Delivery? Leave all that to bears!

Come to train bears so that they can deliver gifts worldwide on schedule.

The stronger the bears, the higher the work efficiency, and the better the rewards for you!

3. Have an unforgettable adventure in Snowman Land!

In the mysterious Snowman Land, you would meet various Snowmen and find precious Xmas Wishing Stars!

You will encounter many incidents in Snowman Land. Adventure with Snowman Chief and Snowmen, and you will probably meet Mirage Witch!

You will get surprises if you can address the crisis for Snowmen!

4. Build a warm Xmas Hut to win points!

Build a heartwarming Xmas Hut for a chance to win abundant rewards! You can also vote for the hut you like and earn a surprise reward.
Be a helper in Xmas Miracle Factory and get listed on the rankings to win great rewards and be the brightest Xmas star!


Global Rankings Rewards
No.1 1 [Amazing Xmas (Miracle)], 1 P13 Anima, 1 Eternity Darksteel, 5 7-day 100KK Contribution Medals (B)
No.2-3 1 [Amazing Xmas (Miracle)], 1 P12 Anima, 1 Eternity Darksteel, 4 7-day 100KK Contribution Medals (B)
No.4-6 1 180-day [Amazing Xmas (Miracle)], 1 P11 Anima, 1 Millennia Darksteel, 3 7-day 100KK Contribution Medals (B)
No.7-10 1 90-day [Amazing Xmas (Miracle)], 1 P10 Anima, 1 Millennia Darksteel, 2 7-day 100KK Contribution Medals (B)

Tip: You need at least 6000 EXP to get listed on the local rankings.

Local Rankings Rewards
No.1 1 Colorful Bell, 1 L5 Mythsoul Pack, 2000 Awakening Spirits, 1000 Universal Rune Essences (B)
No.2-3 2 L4 Mythsoul Packs, 1500 Awakening Spirits, 1000 Universal Rune Essences (B)
No.4-6 1 L4 Mythsoul Pack, 1200 Awakening Spirits, 800 Universal Rune Essences (B)
No.7-10 1 L4 Mythsoul Pack, 600 Awakening Spirits, 500 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Tip: You need at least 6000 EXP to get listed on the local rankings.

Name Type How to Get
Amazing Xmas (Miracle) Wings Global Rankings
Speedy Bear (Miracle) Mount Armor training bears, making wishes
Speedy Bear

Reward Display:

Amazing Xmas (Miracle)

Speedy Bear (Miracle)

For more informations, you can click here or the “Event page” button in the game.

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