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Join in the Joy Boost Event to Get Avatar Frame and More – Conquer Online 2022


Greetings, heroes!

The Joy Boost event will be from Nov. 8th to Nov. 14th. It is a warm up for the coming expansion. You can get Avatar Frame and more benefits from this event.

Duration: Nov. 8th to Nov. 14th

Requirement: Level 110 of 1st Rebirth

Access: Joy Boost (Button)


1. [Daily Sign-in Reward]

Click on [Joy Boost (Button)] to open the interface for the first time every day and then click on [Daily Sign-in Reward] to get 1 random reward.

During the event, heroes reaching Level 110 of 1st Rebirth can click on [Limited Avatar Frame] to claim 1 Random Avatar Frame Pack. You can only get the pack once during the event.

  PS: You can open the pack after 10:00, Nov. 1 to get 1 random 7-day Avatar Frame.

 Details of Daily Sign-in Reward:

Rewards for Heroes below 2nd Rebirth (Get one of the rewards randomly)
300-min EXP
300 Chi Points
5-day +3 Stone (B)
+3 Steed (B)
1000 Potency Points
500 Study Points
5-day 10KK Contribution Medal (B)
Rewards for Heroes above 2nd Rebirth (Get one of the rewards randomly)
Dragon Fruit
Soul Fruit
+4 Steed (B)
1000 Chi Points
5-day +4 Stone (B)
50 Universal Rune Essences (B)
Radiant Star Stone
100 Universal Rune Essences (B)
2 Red Bodhi Beans

2. [Preview Benefit]

During the event, find NPC Yee (TwinCity 317,451 or Market 267,199) to watch the preview content and after that, you can claim 1 7-day Avatar Frame from Yee after the maintenance on Nov. 1, 2022. Each play can only get the reward once.



The grand reward will be sent via mail.

The “probability” in the game is based on the statistics of a large number of users. (For example, the probability of 50% does not mean that you will definitely win one of two draws.)

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