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Ninja Resurgence Feature Susanoo and New Collection Moonlight Whisper will be Released on Jun. 16th Conquer Online 2023

Note: The in-game update shall prevail.
Attention, heroes!
New Ninja Resurgence feature and new collection will be released on Jun. 16th. Please check out the details below.
1. Ninja Resurgence feature [Susanoo]
   [Susanoo] will be unlocked when Overall Rankings score reaches 60000.
   You can consume Arcane Essences to upgrade Susanoo and gain Prestige Score. Extra skills [Eight-Span Mirror] and [Ten-Fist Sword] will be unlocked for Ninja.
   At 0:00 every Monday, the Resonance of Susanoo will decrease according to the current stage.
   [Eight-Span Mirror]: Enhances the damage reduction effect of Tortoise Gems.
   [Ten-Fist Sword]: Ignores a target`s Max Tortoise Gem effect. Killing the target grants a chance to seal his/her ghost for 3 second(s).(curable by Tranquility)
2. New Dunhuang Collection [Moonlight Whispers] will be revealed! Go to Wardrobe-Collection to learn more about it!

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