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RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod Apk 1.1.70

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod Apk: You must have Nitro Boost! Collect turbo before you press the gas pedal. Drag bump, collide, and drift your way to the top.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod Apk


Monster trucks with roaring engines, causing tire fires, collisions, and most importantly speed! R.A.C.E. Rocket Arena Car Extreme is packed with spectacular explosions, destruction, and other effects. You can press nitro to get more adrenaline. You will not be bored by the changing of the seasons, neon signs, and other tricks. This is the race car game for you if you love beautiful graphics with no brakes. To improve gameplay quality or smoothness, you can adjust the graphics settings.

Race and Battle

Make your Monster Truck the arenas boss! You can take part in Arena battles, and then get into the action. You can burn your opponents in derby and race them to the finish line into fire traps, chainsaws, morgensterns, and other dangerous obstacles. Its like an action film! Rocket Arena Car Extreme, (R.A.C.E.). Rocket Arena Car Extreme (R.A.C.E.) is an explosive mix of survival races, battles on the road.

Diffrent Maps and Loctions

Take part in historical battles. You can feel the excitement of driving beneath steep cliffs, and you will be safe from sandstorms. Discover ancient Egyptian ruins, and other world wonders. To find the things you treasure most, set your feet on the path of outrage!

Destroyed Enemies

Choose the best truck to win every battle. You can be crazy and risky in order to win this race game. You can choose from various weapons, including missiles, bombs and machine guns. You can slow down the pace and eliminate your enemies. Use your winning mentality to guide cruise missiles toward the bad race gangs. You can win exciting races or collect rewards for your dream off-road car. Get the best out of every vehicle you have. There are American muscle cars, European classics, and Japanese drifters. Every car comes with all the necessary equipment to do maximum damage to your adversaries. These monsters will withstand any terrain. Their fury will melt asphalt.

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Upgrade Cars

A vehicle can be upgraded to level 30, up to 30. A vehicle can be leveled to levels 10, 20, and 30, which grants it a unique body kit that enhances race and combat performance. You can choose from five different controls to help you pick the best way to play this game and win crazy battle races. There is no stopping the endless monster truck racing! Ever wonder if your tank is full? This action game encourages positive thinking – the tank will always be full. You dont need to wait several hours before your car can regain its energy and start racing. There are no limits to your ability to race at maximum speed.


Prepare to fight for your rank. There are many players who want to be the first to win the title of all-time champion.


You can feel the thrill of racing at a high speed, and the intense competition.


To improve gameplay quality or smoothness, you can adjust the graphics settings.


Battle Arena: Battle Royale-style racing

– Career – Race career campaign

– Battle Racing – Racing vehicles special mode

Race for the highest rewards

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod info

Money, gems, and increase when spent

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