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Jack Morriston should be the hero of Red Dead Redemption 3 for these reasons

The Red Dead Redemption series has become one of Rockstar Games ‘ most important titles , and although there are not as many parts of it as GTA, there is hope that the third part of it will become a reality one day.

In the first part of the series, we got to know “John Morriston” and his family, then in the second part we saw another different character, “Arthur Morgan,” who had a close relationship with John, and then we saw the end of the second part and the end of the first part, “ Spoiler Warning ,” where Unfortunately, the main characters and heroes of these two parts were eliminated.

The second part of the Red Dead Redemption series was characterized by a strong story and a distinctive plot from Rockstar, as its events took place before the events of the first part, which opens up several areas for the story in general for other parts to come. However, given the story of the series so far, there is a necessity for “Jack,” son of “John Morriston,” to be the hero of the third part for several reasons that are important to the series and the story, which we will discuss with you below.

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 The similarity between him and Arthur

Once Jack Morriston enters his teenage years, he begins to take a keen interest in reading books, as we saw in the last part a hint that there was a book bearing the name of the game that Jack was reading. So he was clearly a smart kid, and his love of reading eventually inspired him to become a writer or researcher. On the other hand, Arthur has a serious talent for drawing, which is displayed through his diary in Red Dead Redemption 2. The game, led by Jack Morriston, will leave the door wide open to embrace Arthur within his diary.
John’s ambitions to become a writer could bring a new perspective to Red Dead Redemption 3, so not only will a new hero who grew up with the Van der Linde gang offer a different perspective, but seeing the game world through the eyes of a writer could make for some compelling moments. So in the second part we would see how Arthur describes the world and his adventures through drawing, while in John’s case we might see the world and his adventures through writing memoirs.

The possibility of Athar returning in the third part, but not as we imagine!

Arthur’s return in Part 3 is not impossible, but it is a little difficult. The reason is that Rockstar does not rely much on the presence of a specific character in the multi-part series, so it is rare to see a Rockstar game that has one main character in two consecutive parts.

In the first part, we saw John, the hero of the game. In the second, he was not the hero, but rather was more of a secondary character. But with the players’ attachment to the character of Arthur, Rockstar will have to bring him back in the third part, but his return here will not be in person, but in the form of a memory.

Jack loves writing memoirs and reading books, so if he is the hero of the second part, we will see him recalling memories in the form of movie scenes in which Arthur appears. Or we may see him mentioning him in his memoirs as a name only, or he may recall a specific situation with him. These are all matters within Rockstar’s control, and only Rockstar can or knows how and when Arthur can return to the third part if its hero is “John Morriston.”
In conclusion, our followers, there are many rumors and theories circulating that strongly suggest that the hero of the third part of the game may be John Morriston, but we are still waiting for his announcement, so what are your expectations?

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