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Gaming community is loving the Alan Wake 2 expansion and excited for the Max Payne remake

After the release of the Night Springs expansion for Alan Wake 2, the gaming community began to get excited about the upcoming Max Payne projects from the Remedy team, which has shown that it indeed has very special talents.

The graphical level that Remedy has achieved with Alan Wake 2 and its recently released expansion Night Springs has left the gaming community both amazed and excited for the team’s upcoming projects, including the remake of Max Payne.

Another thing that attracted the Alan Wake 2 community was how Remedy managed to balance the playstyles of the game’s two main characters, Alan and Saga Andersen.

Alan’s character had players calculate where and when every bullet was consumed, due to the dark and violent enemies and encounters they faced, while Saga’s character was more about calming down and investigating crimes intensively and focused.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the remakes of the 1&2 games will enter full production this year, which means we can expect these games to release sometime next year, 2025.

During a meeting with investors to discuss the results of the last financial quarter, and according to  Ben  from the X website, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that development of the remake versions of the  Max Payne games is going very well, and that these titles are expected to enter the full production phase in the second quarter of this year, that is, between last May and next July of this year.


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