Fort Firewall 3.13.1

Fort Firewall

Fort Firewall is a simple and effective firewall application designed for Windows 7 and later versions. It offers a range of features to help you control and monitor your computer’s internet access.

With Fort Firewall, you can filter network traffic based on various criteria, such as network addresses, application groups, and even specific service names like SvcHost.exe. This allows you to have more control over which applications can access the internet and what type of data they can send or receive.

One of the key features of Fort Firewall is its ability to limit the internet speed and usage for specific application groups. This can be particularly useful if you have certain applications that tend to consume a lot of bandwidth, such as video streaming or file sharing software. By limiting their access, you can ensure that other applications still have enough bandwidth to function properly.

Fort Firewall also keeps track of your computer’s internet traffic statistics, allowing you to see how much data has been sent and received over time. This information can be displayed in graphical form, making it easy to understand and analyze.

Under the hood, Fort Firewall uses the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) to monitor and control network traffic. This ensures that it integrates seamlessly with your Windows operating system and provides a reliable and efficient way to manage your computer’s internet security.

Fort Firewall 3.13.1 changelog:

  • UI: Update: Always create “logs/SetupLog.txt” file.
  • UI: Use “restart.bat” to restart clients.
  • UI: Add “-c zone update” command line argument.

Download: Fort Firewall 64-bit| 6.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Fort Firewall 32-bit | ARM64
View: Fort Firewall Website | User Guide

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