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FliFlik Watermark Remover Free License [Windows/Mac]

FliFlik Watermark Remover is a useful piece of software that makes it easy to get rid of watermarks, unwanted items, and backgrounds from pictures. Users can quickly and easily remove unwanted objects from their photographs with this tool.

For a short time only, a 3-month license for this program is available for free. The freebie is open to both Windows and Mac users for the next six days.

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  1. Visit this giveaway page
  2. Pick “Windows or Mac” and type in your email address. Then click “Get License.” A window will appear where you can fill out the captcha. Fill out the code, then click “Confirm.”
  3. Look for an email from FliFlik ( in your inbox. This email provides the license code. Copy the code.
  4. Download the installer: Windows/Mac
  5. After setting up the software, run it and click “Register” in the main window.
  6. Next, in the popup window, type in your email address and the license code you received, then click “Register.”
  7. Note: This giveaway is available for the next 6 days.

About FliFlik Watermark Remover:

Watermarks are never easy to deal with, no matter what you’re doing. Depending on the complexity of the watermark, the process might be more or less straightforward; there are several applications and online sites that offer watermark removal functionality.

FliFlik Watermark Remover, with its multiple modes and abundance of extra features, offers a comprehensive approach to watermark removal.


I particularly appreciate how the FliFlik Watermark Remover presents the primary view of the job selection area. You can easily figure out which features to use based on your needs.

With regards to the app’s watermark removal capabilities, you have the option to use either manual or AI-based methods. Each method has its own set of sub-tools, which provide a customizable approach.

It is easy and quick to select and remove the watermarks. The Watermark Remover has a lot of useful tools that users can get when they go beyond the basics. So, for example, if you need to, you can add watermarks in both text and image forms, and you can change them to fit your needs.

I think that the ability to remove picture backgrounds and objects from images makes the app more useful and gives users more options. This app’s method for getting rid of watermarks is simple and effective, giving users a quick way to deal with watermarks and other issues nearby, like getting rid of objects or backgrounds from pictures.

Key Features:

  • Its powerful AI system makes it easy to get rid of watermarks on pictures.
  • Smart AI object removal in FliFlik gets rid of people and things that you don’t want in your photos and makes high-quality photos that don’t have any flaws.
  • You can get rid of the background to make a clear picture of a product or company, among other things.
  • It works with many picture formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, and more.
  • OS that can run it: Windows 11/10/8/7 64-bit, and macOS 10.15 and up.

Download Now

Click on the image below the arrows and it will download automatically


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