Game Trainers



Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Combatant Left
NumPad1: Left Invincible
NumPad2: Left Unlimited Heat
NumPad3: Left Quick Heal
NumPad4: Left Quick Lose

# Combatant Right
NumPad5: Right Invincible
NumPad6: Right Unlimited Heat
NumPad7: Right Quick Heal
NumPad8: Right Quick Lose

# VS CPU Matches
NumPad9: Left Easy Win Battle
Multiply: Right Easy Win Battle

# Timer
Add: Freeze Round Timer


RIGHT player is usually the computer or opponent in story mode.

If you are playing story and it seems stuck or AI stops reacting, you may have to go to CHAPTER SELECT and select the chapter again and turn of the particular option that may be offending.  Read each option instructions.

As stated multiple times in the trainer options, the game is HEAVILY SCRIPTED.  Parts of the game you maybe are SUPPOSED to lose, or are SUPPOSED to take damage to a certain level, or the AI isn’t supposed to DIE all at once, etc.  Turn off or on options if you see certain issues.

Some options may not work or will work differently in the STORY mode where you are taking on many units at once.

Trainer is for offline mode for STORY or against CPU.

Left Invincible:
Right Invincible:
Invincible option prevents damage or even contact.  Note that some of the game is scripted so that you MUST take damage in some instances or get damaged to a certain level.  So if the game seems stuck or the opponent won’t die, toggle OFF, then let them beat you down until it triggers.

Left Quick Heal:
Right Quick Heal:
Press and the health tops off.

Left Quick Lose:
Right Quick Lose:
WARNING!  This is a powerful option.  GENERALLY, the match will be over and this player will drop down dead.  NOTE!  If the game is scripted for the character to lose health gradually or die some other way, this may cause the game to be in a broken script, and you will have to select CHAPTER again.  This is very useful for VS matches, or matches in the story where there is not much scripted story.

Left Easy Win Battle:
Right Easy Win Battle:
Only for VS CPU and battles where you have to win 3 matches to win.  This will make it so you already have 2 wins, and the next win will win the battle.

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