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DefenderUI – Transform Microsoft Defender to a Full-Featured Security app


DefenderUI is a free, small, and extremely useful application created by VoodooShield. This handy program not only provides a user-friendly and efficient user interface for Microsoft Defender but also unlocks hidden Microsoft Defender security features that are otherwise unavailable to the end-user in Windows Security Settings.

More About DefenderUI:

After 30 years, Microsoft’s built-in security software is finally on par with premium security software in terms of protection and performance.

While Microsoft Defender has developed into a strong, powerful, and effective antivirus solution over the years, the User Interface remains frustratingly difficult for the majority of end-users to access and operate.

With DefenderUI, you can easily operate Microsoft Defender. For example, it enables or disables real-time and cloud-based protection, as well as the ability to switch off and on the Windows Firewall.


Working and Features:

The app offers four distinct security profiles.

Recommended Profile
This security profile offers enhanced protection by unlocking many of the hidden Microsoft Dender security features that are not available in the default factory configuration.

This profile is recommended for most casual users.

Interactive Profile

This security profile is more secure than the recommended security profile and is designed to interact with the end-user with affirmative user prompts.

This profile is recommended for more advanced users.

Aggressive Profile

This security profile offers advanced protection by unlocking most of the hidden Microsoft Defender security features that are not available in the default factory configuration.

This profile is recommended for any endpoint where security is critical.

Default profile

This profile reverts Microsoft Defender’s settings to their factory defaults.

Additionally, the app does scans on demand. It offers quick, full, and custom scans. Furthermore, it enables you to perform an offline scan, necessitating a system restart.

DEFENDERUI Basic features
Through DefenderUI, you may access the Defender quarantine, examine the Windows Defender activity history, and open the security log files. With a single click, you may access Windows Security, Windows Update, and the Control Panel.

Apart from real-time monitoring, DefenderUI also includes behavioral and PUA protection, both of which can be disabled if necessary. Additionally, a module specialized in ransomware protection is included, allowing for regulated folder access.



Overall, DefenderUI is a useful app that gives you complete control over Microsoft Defender’s security capabilities. It is simple to use, has many security profiles, and provides one-click access to both basic and advanced security settings. With its assistance, Microsoft Defender can be transformed from a background-running antivirus to a full-featured security application with numerous settings and features.

The app is compatible with Windows 10, and Windows 11 & truly free.

Download the application from the app’s Homepage.

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