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Do you hear that groan? Do you hear that wailing? It is the pain of the planet from which Shinra is absorbing the life energy and transforming it into the Mako, not caring about the grave danger looming on the horizon. Between Shinra and Sephiroth, the alarm bells sounded, the drums of epics beat, and the moment of truth has arrived. Come with us and join the exceptional fighter Cloud Strife, his childhood friend Tifa, and the last surviving Ancients, Aerith and the rest of the companions, on a journey around this vast world that extends as far as the eye can see. Come with us on a journey of wonders and curiosities in which we trace Sephiroth from one continent to another. One continent and from one city to another to stop it before it is too late. Come with us to embark on an adventure of hearts and minds. Rebirth is a true name, so congratulations to the fans of the series on this game and congratulations to Square Enix for returning the last fantasy to the path of greatness again.

In fact, I was not completely satisfied with the previous remake, which took place in the city of Midgar with towering dishes in the sky, as it was very restrictive and very linear, similar to previous parts in the series such as the modest Final Fantasy 13, and it can be said that Midgar was linear and restricted in the original game as well. However, it was not a complete game at that time, at least, but rather it was just an introduction to a great game. I have concerns about the artistic direction and the method of storytelling as well, which was not quite at the level of fantasy and the last dream, but rather had a cinematic character that was tinged with boredom and did not carry the same magic that we are accustomed to from this series. The gameplay foundations, however, were solid, especially the combat system that succeeded in preserving the legacy of the Final Fantasy series with the presence of party members and the strategic gameplay that was updated and mixed with action elements.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a major shift in everything from the previous part, and it is a shift that surprised us very much, warmed our hearts, and put a broad smile on our lips. It finally emerges from the cloak of the series’ deadly linearity and returns to presenting that dreamy adventure filled with a sense of journey in a world that does not resemble all those worlds that… We’ve ventured into it before, and it made us wonder: Why didn’t you make this game years ago, Square Enix? Why did you wait until 2024 to release this huge adventure? Yes, dear readers, you should expect a lot of praise in this review, and the old fans of the series who lived through it in its golden generation on the first and second PlayStation devices should prepare themselves well for the return of this big name in the gaming industry in the way it should be: a game integrated with elements of adventure and atmosphere. The diversity of gameplay, the dazzling visual direction, the breathtaking imagination that ignites minds and enchants hearts, and the fierce battles with enemies, including humans, monsters, and unimaginable forces.

Producing a new Final Fantasy game has always been an extremely difficult task for its owner and a huge responsibility. Games that witnessed the creative vision of one designer for the series in recent years have suffered severely from multiple weaknesses, and this applies to versions such as Final Fantasy 13 or Final Fantasy 15, except Games in the series that include a group of skilled designers with a major creative role in game design, who each cover up the other’s weaknesses, provide better results. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of these games that brought together a large number of leaders, namely Tetsuya Nomura as the creative director, and both Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomo Toriyama as the game director. We also mention notable names such as composer Masashi Hamatsu and veteran writer Kazushige Nojima.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a giant game in storytelling and Final Fantasy returns to haunt the hearts

Well, let’s start analyzing the game to determine its true level and start with the story and storytelling that the series, as well as its audience, pays special attention to. The Final Fantasy series in the nineties was one of the series that is noted for the quality of stories, the splendor of the plot, and the wild imagination that it presents in terms of wonderful worlds, characters, and cinematic scenes. However, it cannot be denied that the series witnessed a decline over time in the level of storytelling despite the development of the level of graphics and the quality of the performances. Cinematography: What was the level of storytelling in Rebirth?

Let us agree at the beginning that the narration style followed in the series does not enjoy consensus and admiration from all players. Whoever does not like the narration style of the series, which relies on depicting character expressions in abundance and exaggerating them to draw attention and sometimes create humor, will not change his opinion of Rebirth. She still follows this method. Well, let’s put that aside. In our perspective, the game’s storytelling is superior to the previous part, as it presents a huge collection of cinematic performances with luxurious production value and high imagination, which embody the feelings and feelings of the characters in a way that touches the heart. Yes, the touches of human drama, dream, and imagination that the audience has always loved return in Final Fantasy series again. The seventh part itself presents a unique type of fantasy based on the idea of ​​the Industrial Renaissance and how it changed people’s lives, and links this to philosophical and spiritual concepts. The game offers multiple narrative options, and there is a relationship between Cloud and every character in the game, and this relationship will be affected by the players’ choices. As we knew previously, there is a romantic date in Gold Saucer, and the identity of its companion will depend on the narrative choices.

The game begins with an event in the past that is one of the iconic events in the original game, in the village of Nibelheim, which brings together Cloud and Tifa with Sephiroth when he was a legendary soldier in Shinra Company. This event was presented and narrated in a very wonderful way from our perspective in terms of telling the story and dealing with the group’s characters, which are You learn about part of the past of childhood friends Cloud and Tifa, who have a relationship that was and still is complex and intertwined, and of course Sephiroth’s moments of madness and the reasons that made his personality become the sadistic and brutal it is. The group continues to follow Sephiroth from one place to another, trying to pick up any leads that might lead to him. The game contains a huge collection of high-quality narrative presentations, ranging from action and martial arts scenes to dramatic scenes, construction and mystery scenes, or even magic and fantasy scenes that are unparalleled in any other game.

This journey is miraculous in every sense of the word, and it succeeds in building relationships between the group’s characters, which range from push to pull, and has a wonderful dynamic that drives the narrative in the game. Tifa’s relationship with Aerith is a strong friendship relationship that reaches a brotherly level, while Cloud and Tifa’s relationship It is the relationship of two childhood friends after fate separated them, and both of them are still unable to return to a normal relationship with each other. As for the relationship between Cloud and Aerith, it is a relationship that contains some admiration and spontaneity, but it is also a complicated relationship, as Aerith is in an emotional relationship with Zack, who in turn is a friend of Cloud. Yuffie, on the other hand, is not taken very seriously by the group, but she is the beating heart of the group thanks to her sense of humor and the sense of humor she brings to the game. We also have Barret who feels great animosity towards Shinra which creates a kind of sensitivity between him and Cloud sometimes since Cloud is a former Shinra soldier. Finally, there is Red

The dynamic works well between the group’s characters, with their positive and negative poles, which move the characters according to the situations. The world of Final Fantasy 7 does not revolve solely around these characters. It is a deep, multi-polar world, and it still maintains this depth even though the original story reached us more than 25 years ago, meaning it is… It has become outdated by the standards of development that occurred in the industry and the methods of writing, directing, and presenting in it, but Final Fantasy 7 was essentially a game ahead of its time in terms of multi-layered storytelling, as there are the characters of the Turks, who are the squad responsible for Shinra’s dirty operations, and there is Shinra’s management led by “Rufus,” the owner of the industry. Crazy ambitions, there are a huge number of side characters and various stories, and of course above all that there is the planet and the River of Life, which represents the main energy element in the world of Final Fantasy 7 and threatens the planet with annihilation at the same time. As for the philosophical aspect of the game, it is related to death, life, changing fate, and confronting fate. .

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth stands today firmly among giants like The Witcher 3 as a true equal in quality, even if the approach is very different, of course, as it addresses a younger segment of players and amplifies feelings and emotions in a way that may not please some, as we mentioned above, in addition to the absence of solid narrative logic. About some scenes. However, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. Final Fantasy is a unique series in the industry as it combines the delicate feelings found in Japanese and Asian works, and it has roots inspired by the masterpieces of the world of anime, and it presents this with a cinematic directing template that carries a Western character with luxurious production value. Our favorite moments in this game are the final area, which is one of my most wonderful moments in the gaming world. In fact, I am eagerly awaiting the players’ reactions when they live those moments. It is the part in which “Tetsuya Nomura” took the directing helm and supervised its entire presentation, according to our constant follow-up. For his works, his wild imagination exploded to present a mixture of melancholy and dreamy, mind-blowing fantasy with music and a spiritual atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at the end of the world.

A vast world, huge content, and Final Fantasy returns as integrated as it was

There is a new golden age awaiting the Final Fantasy series. It has begun with this game that puts the series back on the right path after years and years of confusion and loss, so fasten your seatbelts well because we are facing an exciting journey full of dreams, imagination, and overflowing feelings. Yes, Final Fantasy got sick, but it did not die, and only now is it beginning to recover. Again. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of the best games of the generation and one of the masterpieces of the Final Fantasy series, and one of the best PlayStation 5 games. Buy it without hesitation. The truth is that I feel great amazement at the amazing disparity in direction and design method, not only between the previous part and Rebirth, but also between… Part sixteen and this game. Yes, part sixteen greatly disappointed us by moving away from the essence of the series and moving completely towards action gameplay with one character without real RPG elements of any kind, and with its excessive linearity and lack of the wild imagination that was known for the series and chasing the illusion and mirage of excessive realism that does not… Japanese games have not and will not master it as their counterparts in the Western world do.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth throws all the crimes committed by Final Fantasy You will cross the seas and valleys, you will see the beauty and magic of nature, and you will see the Shinra Industrial Company’s facilities and pipes as they cut through this nature and add the touch of human beings. This game is truly one of the largest games in the history of the Final Fantasy series, and it is only rivaled in size by the twelfth edition, which was designed by the two giants Hiroyuki Ito and Yasumi Matsuno. Also, size does not mean boredom in this game, but rather the fact that the pleasure of exploration increases as we move forward in the game. Because of the diversity of methods of transportation, between the chocobo that climbs the walls, the flying chocobo, and even that red vehicle with huge tires designated for the harsh desert environment.

Do you remember Mr. Yoshinori Kitase’s famous saying that designing cities is difficult in HD? This was of course in the era of the disappointing Final Fantasy 13, which was the first Final Fantasy that did not live up to expectations in our perspective and the first real downfall for this ancient series. Even after all these years, Final Fantasy did not offer truly great cities and we are no longer in the era of 720p or 1080p, but rather We have reached 4K and Final Fantasy has still only made a timid attempt at Final Fantasy 15 with a few dead cities with little interaction, but that has changed now, as Rebirth comes to offer a constellation of wonderful cities teeming with life. There are vendors, crowded roads, street musicians, side quests, and much more. So… Cities were not impossible with the ultimate HD clarity. Well, better late than never, right dear reader?

Say goodbye to the single-character combat from the sixteenth part, and welcome with us the return of the group and strategic elements in the dynamic and modern gameplay system offered by Rebirth, which is built on the foundations provided by the Remake. This time, Rebirth offers the freedom to choose the members of the team that you will allocate to fight in most areas of the game, with the exception of some linear parts that You will be forced to use some and not others, which will give you great freedom to play in the way that suits you. This game maintains the foundations of the previous system, which was based on the idea of ​​dynamic attack and defense to fill a blue meter, allowing the use of a wide range of magic, abilities, and tools by selecting them from a list. The goal is to bring the opponent to the Stagger stage, which then allows the damage caused by attacks to be increased very significantly by filling a yellow meter. There are different conditions for putting pressure on enemies and filling the meter, such as attacking weak points or even blocking some attacks.

There are two differences between this game and the first part of the seventh remake. The first difference is that the game is much more technical and kinetic than before. There is a much greater reliance on the player’s abilities and skills in the kinetic aspect in terms of attack timing, defense timing, and kinetic playing skill in general. For example, a last-minute block will completely cancel out damage from Enemies attack, which makes timing crucial in some battles and the difference between life and death. The second difference, or rather development, is based on the new dual attacks between characters, Synergy Attacks. These attacks have multiple benefits. They inflict greater damage on opponents, cause the Stagger meter to fill up faster, or even provide other benefits that we will let you discover in the game for yourselves. The system is a nice addition that is appropriate for the nature of the game, which wanted to focus on the relationships between characters. Of course, there are also new playable characters that were not present in the previous part, and each character has a special fighting style that is completely different from the others. The game also offers a high level of challenge and is one of the most difficult main parts in the history of the Final Fantasy series, and there are many brutal boss battles even at the average difficulty level.

There are many elements of gameplay, adventure, and exploration in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and this greatly distinguishes the game from the previous part, as you can manufacture tools, treatments, and accessories by collecting objects in the game world. The game also adds a huge group of mini-games, some of which return from the original game and some. The other is completely new. Among our mini-games is the card game Queen’s Blood, which is a strategic game par excellence and will be addicted to many. There are multiple ways to move, including running, jumping, and swimming, and it is smoother in movement than the previous part, which was heavy on control. The winged chocobo creatures also return and have multiple and varied uses. Each region has a special type of chocobo with different abilities. Junon Region is… For example, it includes a chocobo that can climb walls, while in Cosmo Canyon, the chocobo can fly, and there are floating platforms in the air that push you upward due to the wind in a way that reminds us of the Legend of Zelda games. Finally, there’s good customizability and trade-ability in the game, options that the Final Fantasy series doesn’t usually like to offer players.

Exploration in the game’s regions falls under the name World Intel, where Chadley, who was present in the previous part, communicates with the player about everything related to exploration and the challenges on the map, which are added as signs of interest when reaching the towers scattered in the regions, coming directly from Assassin’s Creed. Signs of interest These include combat challenges with monsters that are more powerful than normal monsters for those who want to challenge and test abilities, areas to find buried tools using the chocobo, artifacts that can be scanned to affect the power of the summon monster associated with the territory, and other scannable places that will lead to revealing details and information about the territory. There is also a series of missions and challenges starting from the first region in the game and extending throughout the game to end with an iconic battle against one of the most famous opponents in the history of the Final Fantasy series, and we will leave his identity for your experience, dear reader. Exploration in the game was fun thanks to the variety of transportation methods and the splendor of the regions and their design, but the repetition of challenges in these regions may cause boredom for some players, and perhaps it would have been better not to associate it with the annoying “Chadley” character, who seems to come from the heavy-blooded characters of Final Fantasy 13, except It serves as a kind of guide for players, which may be understandable considering that Final Fantasy hasn’t had a massive game like this in many years.

This game offers a varied and enjoyable experience. Each character in the game has its own abilities that differ from the other characters, which makes its part very entertaining. Barrett, for example, can shoot fire and break things. Yuffie can cling to platforms using a hook. As for Red 13, he Running on walls. Some of these parts that separate the regions are linear in nature and tend to be caves (dungeons). They are simple, as usual in the series, and not complex or deep, and often end with a fight against one of the bosses. Speaking of bosses, they are certainly one of Rebirth’s strengths, and there are a huge number of them. In fact, we felt a kind of boredom with the length of some of the battles and we felt that some of the enemies were somewhat spongy, but this comes from the battle design philosophy in our perspective, which wants to give the player the full opportunity to demonstrate his combat skills and test the tactics and methods he desires. Yes, this is Rebirth’s main flaw for us. Like other huge open-world games, it is not devoid of falling levels, nor is it devoid of a feeling of repetition and prolongation in some parts.

A visually elegant experience, despite some hiccups

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a wonderful experience on the visual level, as is usual from the Final Fantasy series, which never failed to provide wonderful graphics. The game offers a major shift from the previous part in the polygonal structure shown on the screen and the depiction of the environment and its fine details of mountains, rocks and trees, except for the water. It does not have the required quality and looks like it is coming from PlayStation 3 games. There are some defects that were present in the previous part and are still present in this part as well, such as the appearance of some low-quality graphic assets, especially as they get closer. The characters, especially in the cinematic shows, look very realistic, with a huge focus on the characters’ expressions and features, a real muscle flex from Square Enix. The materials look believable, so much so that we can feel the types of fabrics by looking at them, as well as the fur of animals or the shiny metal of armored machines. However, the disparity is Noticeable when exploring, as the quality of character drawings drops significantly.

The game offers a resolution mode and a performance mode. We played the experience in the resolution mode at a speed of 30 frames, despite its negative impact on the smoothness of play and the quality of control during combat and battles. However, the difference in the quality of the graphics is really big between them. The graphics seemed strangely erased and soft in the performance mode with a resolution display. Relatively low and certainly lacks the quality, sharpness, and clarity that the graphical quality mode offers, and at least the performance mode offers much greater smoothness and a better sense of gameplay and control. The game does not support any type of ray tracing technology, so reflections on reflective surfaces and water disappear when the camera is moved and the reflected object leaves the camera frame. In fact, I do not hide my desire for a better version either on the PC or the PS5 Pro in the future that combines smooth performance with graphical quality and display accuracy without major sacrifices. It must be noted that the game will receive an update to improve the quality of the graphics in the performance phase, but these lines were written before. We will try the update.

The Final Fantasy series has always been a very prominent series in terms of music and audio. Rebirth is a very huge game in terms of music. More than 400 pieces of music were recorded for the game, which is a truly huge number that exceeds most other games. Of course, the famous melodies from the original game are present, which It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who has sensitive sensibilities and iconic melodies, with a completely new arrangement. The method of distribution in the game is much better than the remake, in our opinion, which introduced a boring Hollywood character to the melodies, as diversification returned in the use of musical instruments, and the game was keen to distribute a suitable distribution for each region or scene in the game in a way that is compatible with it. There is a touch coming directly from the American West in some desert areas on for example. The game offers smart and beautiful touches as well, such as the ability to play the piano, and we cannot hide that we spent a lot of time with it playing Tifa’s character’s piece, which was and still is one of the most wonderful pieces we have ever heard for a character in a video game, which carries a sense of sweetness and warmth of memories. As for the English voice acting, it ranges from average to good. The character of Aerith, from the previous part, does not excel much in performance and barely exceeds the acceptable level. On the other hand, Tifa’s performer is more mature, as she has a deep and warm tone of voice, and in this version she succeeded a lot in portraying… The character’s turbulent and anxious feelings, especially in her relationship with his childhood friend Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy is legendary again

There are special moments in video games that make you feel happy and grateful that you are a part of them, and Rebirth is one of these moments. How many entertainment products go away for twenty-five years and then return, taking advantage of modern technology in a way that can be achieved in a video game? How amazing is this game and this story, which has remained steadfast throughout these years and still competes with everyone. This is the level that we aspired to from the beginning for the game bearing the name Final Fantasy 7, which has a heavy legacy in the world of gaming. The series floundered for a long time and lost much of what distinguished it in the game. Its golden era, yes, Final Fantasy was an example of quality, magnitude, and adventure before it turned into a monster represented by narrow corridors and scarce gameplay elements, and this is not befitting of a pioneering series like it. The transition between the first part and Rebirth is incredible and it made us astonished. In fact, we do not We understand why Square Enix waited until 2024 to release a game like this since it had the ability to make it.

This is the real Final Fantasy that captured hearts and enchanted eyes. This game is the pride of the exclusive games for the PlayStation 5, the new jewel of Square Enix, and one of the best games in the history of Final Fantasy. It is finally time to remove the cloak of the past and look forward. The series has risen again and it is time to say goodbye. For an era that made a part of our lives and will remain in our hearts, we welcome a new golden era to come. When this generation ends and its games go into oblivion, Rebirth will remain in the memory and players will talk about it for many years to come.

(We obtained a copy of the game via the publisher before release)

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