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Miyazaki talks about the secret to efficiency in developing massive games

Miyazaki talks about the secret to efficiency in developing massive games

Since the FromSoftware development team began developing the Dark Souls series of games, it has achieved success after success on the commercial and critical levels with the Dark Souls trilogy, the Bloodbourne and Sekiro games, and most recently the latest Armored Core parts, and of course we do not forget Elden Ring. Many of the aforementioned games have received excellent additional content since launch, which drives Some people wonder about the secret of the team’s efficiency and its ability to release such a large number of huge releases in a short window of time when compared to other development teams.

Answering this question in a new interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the famous director stated that the secret lies in the wonderful team that loves making these games and that the teams are highly efficient when it comes to making decisions. The team realizes its vision for the project early on and makes the fundamental decisions during that period. During the development process, the team experiments with some ideas, some of which reach the final product, while others are eliminated at a rapid pace.

There is no doubt that Miyazaki’s answer seems logical, especially when considering the number of huge games that have been postponed over the years, and many of them returned to the planning table with pivotal changes that caused such postponements.

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