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Helldivers 2 will never add PVP gameplay because developer wants to avoid ‘toxicity’

Helldivers 2 is Sony’s first-ever first-person service shooter, but it offers a co-op experience devoid of competitive PvP modes. According to Arrowhead CEO and creative director Johan Pilestedt, PvP mode “will never happen” because of the inevitable toxicity that comes with the introduction of PvP mode. Playing like this is not worth it.

Pilestedt put out a tweet on Twitter that many responded to and there was a heated discussion about the matter. “We will never add a PvP game mode,” he said firmly. “This is to reduce elements that encourage toxicity in the community. We want a supportive, fun environment where we are all fighting on the same side!”

Another user said it was a shame to see “another developer afraid to add PvP to their game,” to which Pilestedt responded:

“I’m not afraid, we just don’t want the toxicity that comes with forced competitive play. “We make games for people who just want to have a challenging time with friends but in a PvE environment.”

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