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Steps To Activate FSR 3 Technology For All Graphics Cards For Free – Goodbye To Poor Performance

AMD Has Finally Released The Source Code For Its FSR 3 Upscaling And Frame Generation Technology For Free Via GPUOpen And GitHub, 9 Months After The Launch Of The Technology, So That Developers Can Access The Technology And Integrate It Into Their Games And Applications Easily, Which Increases The Spread Of The Technology And Improves The Performance Of The Vast Majority Of Computers Tremendously Regardless Of About Its Equipment.

The Good News Is That Developers Do Not Have To Cooperate With AMD In Order To Support The Technology, Especially Since The Games That Officially Support This Technology Are Barely Counted On The Fingers. FSR 3 Technology Is Only Supported By Forspoken, Immortals Of Aveum, And Avatar Of Pandora, With Support For A Few Games Soon, The Most Important Of Which Are Starfield And Star. Wars Jedi: Survivors, Which Cannot Be Compared To The Number Of Games That Support DLSS 3 Technology.

FSR technology 3

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Fortunately, Some Modders Took Advantage Of This Opportunity And Released “Mods” To Unofficially Support AMD’s Revolutionary Technology And For Cards That Do Not Originally Support Frame Generation Technologies. The Trick Here Is That The Modified Mode Replaces The DLSS 3 Technology With The FSR 3 Technology And Gives The Game The Impression That Everything Is Normal And That The Graphics Cards Are RTX 40, Even If The Cards Do Not Support Frame Generation Techniques. Here Are The Steps.

An Overview Of FSR 3 Technology And How It Works

We Will Not Delve Too Deeply Into The FSR 3 Technology Because We Did That Before In A Previous Article, But We Can Suffice With A Quick Overview Of It. The Name Is An Abbreviation For The Third Generation Of FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology, And This Technology Performs Two Basic Roles: The First Is To Raise The Display Resolution With Ingenious Algorithms Instead Of Processing At The Original Display Resolution, Which Reduces The Burden On The Graphics Cards To Increase The Frame Rate. The Second Is To Compose Frames From Scratch By Tracking The Pattern Of Previous Frames And Anticipating Subsequent Frames.

FSR technology 3

The Fundamental Difference Between FSR 3 And FSR 2 Is The Tire Configuration, So FSR 3 Can Be Divided Into Four Sections: The First Is “Upscaler,” Which Raises The Resolution Using Lanczos Algorithms, Which Reduces The Processing Burden. The Second Is “Optical Flow,” Which Tracks The Movement Of Each Pixel Within The Frame So That The Technology Can Predict Upcoming Frames. The Third Is “Frame Generation,” Which Creates Additional Frames From Zero, And The Fourth Is Coordinated Between The Previous Three Sections To Work As Required.

AMD “Frame Generation” Activation Requirements

FSR Technologies Are Distinguished From DLSS Technologies In That They Are Not Exclusive To AMD Cards, Nor Are They Exclusive To The Latest Generation Of Graphics Cards. While DLSS Technology Requires 3 RTX 40 Cards From Nvidia, We Find That FSR Technology 3 Is Open Source And Compatible With All Graphics Cards That Support The DirectX 12 Interface And Version 6.2 For “Compute Shaders”, Noting That The Interface Is Supported By All Radeon Cards From AMD And Graphics Cards. 400 ​​GTX And Above From Nvidia And HD 500 And Above From Intel.

The Technology Is Open Source, As We Mentioned, And Can Be Installed Easily Thanks To The Currently Available “Mods,” But In Addition To The Supported Graphics Card And Its Updated Drivers, It Requires Other Things, The Most Important Of Which Is Activating The “Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling” Feature Through The Display Settings Of The Windows System. Replace Some Game Files With AMD Technology Activation Mode Files, And Finally Adjust The “V-Sync” Settings, Which Takes Us To The Steps To Activate The Technology.

Steps To Activate FSR 3 Technology For All Graphics Cards For Free

Before We Can Install FSR 3 Technology Via Computer, We Must First Access The “Mod” File For FSR 3 Technology, By Following The Following Steps:

  • Update The Graphics Card Drivers To The Latest Version Via The Software Or The Card Manufacturer’s Official Website.
  • Make Sure The Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling Feature Is Enabled.
FSR technology 3
  • Go To The Reddit PostFrom Here Which Contains The Encrypted Text Of The FSR 3 Modified Mode Download Link, Copy It.
  • Go To The Text Decryption SiteFrom Here And Paste The Previously Copied Text, Then Press The “Decrypt” Button, It Will AppearLinkCopy It.
  • Paste The Decrypted Link Into The Search Bar, Noting That It May Require A VPN To Open It Over Some Internet Networks, And The Modified Profile File Will Appear.

After We Reached The Modified Mode File, We Only Have Half Of The Way Left, Which Is To Download The File And Install It While Adjusting Some Settings For The Computer And The Game, And This Is Done As Follows:

  • You Will Find A Zip File Named FSR2FSR3, Download It And Open It With A Program Such As WinRAR.
FSR technology 3
  • You Will Find Many Files Bearing The Names Of Different Versions Of FSR 3, And You Can Find Out The Appropriate Version For The GameFrom Here.
  • Unzip The Appropriate File And Two Files Will Appear: Dlssg_to_fsr3_amd_is_better.Dll And Nvngx.Dll.
  • Copy These Two Files And Paste Them In The Same Place As The Exe File. The Game’s File Is Inside The .Bin File.
  • Launch The Game, Enable DLSS 3, Select Frame Generation, Then Deactivate V-Sync.
  • As A Result, Tearing Will Occur, And To Solve It, Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync) Must Be Restored For The Frame Generation Technology To Work Properly. This Is Done By Going To The Nvidia Control Panel Settings, Then Manage 3D Settings, And Activating Vertical Sync.

NB:Some Games Require, After Running Them, To Search Inside The Bin File For A File Named Fsr2fsr3.Config.Toml, Then Open It And Replace The Value False With The Value True.

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