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CSYON’S SubMenu Lua Script (Support: Kiddion Menu)

CSYON'S SubMenu Lua Script

Here is a new lua script CSYON’S SubMenu for the popular hack Kiddion’s Modest External Menu in the game GTA V Online. This is an improved version of the hack for your favorite game and your most reliable and favorite hack.

Cheating in GTA V Online can provide cheaters with various advantages and abilities that are not available to other players. With cheats, players can do things like:

  • Generate unlimited amounts of in-game money, allowing them to purchase anything they want without putting in the effort to earn it.
  • Gain access to weapons and vehicles that are not normally available or that require a certain level or achievement to unlock.
  • Enable invincibility, making the player impossible to kill or damage, allowing them to complete missions and objectives with ease.
  • Teleport to different areas of the map instantly, allowing them to travel quickly and escape from dangerous situations.
  • Use aimbot or auto-aim to improve their accuracy and increase their chances of winning in gunfights.
  • Create custom scripts and mods that allow them to do things like fly or walk through walls, making them nearly impossible to defeat..

How the Install the Submenu?

  1. Download the script from our website (archive password 123)
  2. Extract it then take the Lua script and drag it into the Kiddions Scripts folder Done have fun!

Changelog Version 13:

ADDED some new Vehicles license Plates names
ADDED Unlock Ace Mask Diamond Restore Store
ADDED Paintings Casino Store
ADDED Unlock Junk Energy
ADDED Activate San Andreas Mercenaries DLC Vehicles
ADDED Unlock exclusive Outfits
UPDATED Remove Transaction Error
ADDED Ghost Hunts Event
ADDED many new Collections has been Added
UPDATED Collections
ADDED Enable Removed Vehicles
ADDED Unlocking the Gun Van Weapons
UPDATED some globals
APROVED Playermodel Changer
ADDED Become Bigfoot [Playermodel]
ADDED Activate new Vehicles Thanks to @PHIDIAS
ADDED Activate old Vehicles Thanks to @PHIDIAS
ADDED Get for Free CEO Vehicles
ADDED more Unlock exclusive Outfits
ADDED Enable Original Freemode Events
ADDED Create Drop
ADDED Armoured Truck
ADDED Destroy Vehicle
ADDED Distract Cops
ADDED Plane Takedown
ADDED Casino Wins

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