Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

It’s time again to return to New York City, but this time we will not only play as Spider-Man “Peter Parker” or play as Spider-Man Miles Morales only, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers us a rich experience in which we will go on an adventure using the two Spider-Man characters that appeared in the previous two games, in addition to other characters. Playable within the game’s story. Today we present to you a review of one of the biggest releases this year and talk about the action game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Studios, with their third adventure with Spider-Man. Will the team present itself again with an experience superior to the previous ones? Or is it time to think about returning to the design book and ideas to provide something different with a new experience, so let us start talking with you and reviewing the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

We will try as much as possible to avoid spoiling any of the main story events and we will only speak with pen tips to ensure that the full experience is left to the reader when playing the game after a few days. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a third-person action game and a continuation of the Marvel’s Spider-Man game series that the Insomniac team presented to us with two games. The previous one was a major game and the other was a smaller game starring the character Miles Morales, but it did not carry the number 2 in the title. This game brings the two characters together in one adventure because the enemies here are more fierce than in the past and Peter Parker, “the original Spider-Man,” is no longer a teenager as he was in the past, but he is now discovering a stage. A new life in his life and he sets out for a new world as part of his adventure here, while Miles finds himself in a personal struggle with his future and his way of life, as well as knowing what to do with the one who killed his father in the previous game, and his internal conflict between playing the role of the savior character Spider-Man and his urgent desire for revenge.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will offer the same number of hours of gameplay as the original version

The story takes place in New York City. This time the enemy comes from outside the city, and the talk here is about the hunter with supernatural abilities, “Kraven,” who is looking for a new hunt for him, and New York City brings with it many options that he wants to hunt, whether from superheroes or villains. “Why does he hunt villains?” “ This game can actually be divided into two parts, where you face Kraven as the main enemy, but this conflict opens the door for the return of many previous enemies and also the emergence of new enemies from other worlds in the second half of the game! In the first hours of the game, you will begin to understand the stories of the characters after the end of the events of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and you will begin to learn about what happened to the characters Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and how these characters coexist with their heroic role in light of their desire to protect those they love, live their private lives, and also save the city from villains. The first chapters of the game help us remember the system of play and the progression of events until the appearance of the character Harry Osborn in the story, who plays a pivotal role in the events of the story, especially for his dear friend Peter Parker.

We will not dwell on the story of the game as we do not want to spoil the main events in it, but the experience of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers very beautiful narrative content with the events. In fact, the Insomniac development team gets great freedom in dealing with the characters of the Spider-Man world without limits, and this matter is strongly reflected in the narrative role of the events. At times you find yourself laughing, and at other times you start crying, “No, I did not cry,” but you want to. Between the feelings of victory and defeat, you will live with the game’s characters a very wonderful experience on the narrative level, and this is greatly helped by the technical development that the game offers in the details, movements and expressions of the characters. This game improves as it progresses. The events start dramatically from a somewhat slow start after the first chapter until they reach their climax from the middle of the game until the end and it will be as close as possible to a storm of distinctive events. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the experiences of Sony’s titles that are very distinctive in describing cinematic games and it provided me with real pleasure. More than all the recent Spider-Man films.

Let’s leave talking about the story aside for now and focus on what’s important, as we are here reviewing a video game after all. Well, let’s talk about the technical side of the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does not offer an “amazing” shift that can be described as an exceptional new generation experience, but it does offer a reasonable shift from the previous parts. On the technical level, New York City has become much larger than before, and there are many places to explore, and the reflections of lighting and objects appear very clear. It is amazing at times how you swing over the city or fly above it and watch that world come alive in its smallest details. The designs of the character models vary somewhat, even You will find that some of the main characters appear strong with details, while others are not that good. Speaking of the side characters, most of them lack strong details. The game in its general appearance is wonderful, especially since we are talking about a game that runs at 60 frames per second and with 4K resolution. You will always feel that the game is very smooth in its operation, except for some technical errors. It usually appears during fights and after defeating enemies, and sometimes you find them shaking strangely, or their bodies interfering with the environment around them, or something else.

When fighting, you will find many very beautiful details in the graphics, especially when executing special strikes to defeat enemies and moving between them. Also, we must strongly praise the talk about boss fights, as they are epic in their appearance and details and will make you indulge in a very enjoyable action experience. The development team put great emphasis on the graphics to the point that the effect of the strikes will appear. It is clearly visible on Spider-Man’s suit, and you will find it interrupted by the impact of blows, even though the game as a whole takes place in New York City, but the development team took that into account and tried to change the environment according to the areas of the city, so you will find combat sometimes over the water and at the port to add distinctive visual diversity, or above tall buildings, or even at temples and well-known places. In the city to make the experience rich in environments despite it being the same city in the end, and this is one of the things for which we praise the development team for its level, and it is not the only thing.

In terms of audio, the game is very wonderful. There is a lot of powerful music that will attract you very much, especially with the epic fights and important events in the story, and also the voice acting of the characters is among the best in the industry. We are talking here about the English voices of the game, but when talking about the Arabic dubbing, I cannot really praise it, but as usual With the reviews, I do not let the matter affect the final evaluation, and my message to Sony here may be to search for better studios to record Arabic voices, as well as to choose better actors to play the roles of the characters. If on the technical side, between graphics and sound, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 presents itself excellently, a game that carries with it Details of a new generation game, but it is not an impressive move, because the majority of the effort went into presenting a huge, living city, which is a huge resource-consuming matter. And believe me, the view of New York City from above is very beautiful, especially at different times of the day. Many will enjoy the view of the game, but personally I still expect something greater from current generation devices. household.

Well, let’s just talk about the game on the technical level and start talking about the game as a “game,” which is the most important thing in the matter. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an action game with a third-person perspective, and it is the second digital part, but it is the third actually of the series, and we are playing the same previous game for the third time, which is something It is difficult for the developers, as well as for the reviewers. When I played the game for the first time, and after a few hours of playing the game, I quickly felt that I had gone through all of this before. The way of playing, moving around, and the interactive scenes of the story were all things I had experienced before, so we need a skilled development team to get the player excited again and immersed in the experience. He played it before, but now he presents it to him in the best possible way. I believe that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be classified as one of the best superhero games, and at the same time, it is the pinnacle of the games in this series. Perhaps I would be greedy if I said that the development team should look for a somewhat different style in the next game. In the adventure, you control one of two main characters, both of whom are Spider-Man. No, this does not mean that the game is cooperative. You will play as one of the two Spider-Man according to the chapters of the story and the missions, but that does not prevent you from sometimes finding the other Spider-Man helping you, whether with story presentations or even in completing normal missions. The matter is random here, so you cannot, for example, give the other Spider-Man orders to carry out.

The gameplay system is the same as the previous games, an action system with direct confrontation with enemies and with exploration of the city to carry out missions. The combat system with the characters is witnessing an excellent expansion here after the first hours of play, which will carry with it all the developments that were presented in the previous games, and therefore the development team had to add more. This is what you will get after hours of playing and after obtaining some new supernatural abilities. There is, as usual, a tree for developing abilities, as well as skills, as well as weapons and tools. As you complete more missions, you will be able to develop your character and raise its general level or buy more new suits, to move around the city. There are 3 options for you: to walk on foot, and then you are playing the game incorrectly, or to swing on the strings as Spider-Man does, which is the best option, and there is the last option, which is to fly, as Spider-Man has the special feature of flying from the beginning of the game this time, which is the feature that will open up some simple missions for you by trying to enter the rings. In the city.

The mission system in the game has become more diverse than before, and this is one of the observations that we used to criticize previous games, but the theme of repetition is still present in the game. As long as you are flying or swinging over the city, you will get some side missions to accomplish, and most of them revolve around defeating a group of enemies, putting out a fire, or catching up. With a runaway vehicle, something that was present from the first game, and the development team tried to solve this by adding other more diverse missions, some of which are related to the story, and some of which are special missions such as photography, or searching for secret laboratories, or the locations of plants on top of buildings, or other things. Marvel’s Spider-Man has improved. 2 is an action game in the first place, and this means that you will develop your character to defeat enemies, and it is very important in this type of games to provide a distinctive combat system, and here we will get that with distinction. Spider-Man’s movement, personality, and use of the net are all things that the development team uses with great distinction to add great diversity to the combat system, and let us not forget the abilities. The different things that both Peter and Miles carry, which gives greater variety to the differences between the two characters in fighting the exhibitions, and you can choose missions between any of them in the middle of the game and special missions for each of them, but again I mention that the issue is not like cooperative games, as this game is a single player game throughout the game.

As was the case in previous games, there is an epic and very diverse boss fight from one leader or villain to another, different environments and a variety of locations between their fights, and certainly with great cinematics from your first fight with the Sandman in the first scenes of the game until your subsequent fights. We point out that I do not want to spoil the events here, but it will give you The game has missions and chapters to play in a variety of styles, stealth, and sequences according to the character! Also, I do not want to spoil the events again, but after hours of going through the story and within the dramatic events in it, Peter Parker will obtain a supernatural power that will change a lot of his personality, whether in the style of play or within the story, and you will notice this even with his voice, and if Peter had not watched the Spider-Man film series, he should have remembered it. Uncle Ben’s immortal saying is that with great power comes great responsibility.

The game offers approximately 20 hours or less to complete the story, but if you are a fan of getting everything, the game will provide double that time of play, and the game carries with it a distinct challenge in the level of the game. The game also features many options, whether graphical or even the gameplay options itself, to try to satisfy all players. It remains to note a main point : * One of the side missions in the game clearly supports this category that is rejected by us, and this matter must be noted.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the distinctive experiences of this year. The game offers a mixture between a strong story, beautiful graphics, and an entertaining gameplay system. In fact, it is the pinnacle of the Spider-Man game series at all levels. I believe that the development team will have two options in the future to try to outperform this game. By following in her footsteps, it will be almost impossible or trying to provide a different experience as a challenge to him and also to add a factor of renewal to the title, which is what I personally hope for after continuous years in which we played Spider-Man games with the same formula, which I do not see will offer more than what this game offers. Sony was stingy this year with its releases on It’s unusual, but if the result is a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by the end, I will be happy to have an experience that I find among the games that will compete for the top awards by the end of the year.

This game was reviewed with a PlayStation 5 copy that was provided by the publisher before the game was released

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