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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 director talks about ‘creating believable characters’

Bryan Intihar, Insomniac’s creative director and director of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a PS5 exclusive coming in 9 days, spoke about creating realistic, believable characters that players can interact with and feel what they are going through. He gave an example of this: Peter Parker begins the game trying to balance his job as a teacher and his life as a superhero, as well as Miles Morales, who is trying to write a scientific article so that he can enter university, but he suffers because of it because he is a superhero in secret.

Brian added:

Why do we love Spiderman? Because he is not a soldier like Captain America, nor a billionaire like Tony Stark, or a superhero like Thor, but rather an ordinary person who suffers from what a large portion of young people suffer. There is a focus in the new part on human relations, as Parker is trying to move to life in Aunt May’s house, with her recent loss and trying to adapt to the situation, and Mary Jane is also faced with a great challenge, trying to deal and adapt in her new work as a journalist with a manager who differs with her in her work philosophy. All of these things make our characters realistic and are the things we focus on the most.

When a player finds such scenarios in a game, he says: Oh, I remember when I went through a situation like this, or I know someone close to me who went through a situation like this.

What do you think of the game director’s words? Are you more excited about the experience?

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