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SecuPerts First Aid Kit Full Version for Free – Emergency PC Tool

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SecuPerts First Aid Kit is the First Aid Kit for your Windows OS and for your data.

Defend yourself against data loss and Windows malfunctions. When nothing works anymore and pesky viruses and Trojans are wreaking havoc on your PC! Prepare for unexpected situations with the SecuPerts First Aid Kit!

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SecuPerts First Aid Kit offers a separate operating system that can be run from a DVD or a USB flash drive. It offers various repair tools, anti-virus software, and the ability to save data when Windows itself can longer be started.

Typical uses include:

  • Windows doesn’t boot up anymore
  • You misplaced your computer’s password
  • Trojans, malware, viruses, or other malicious programs prevent you from being able to access your computer
  • You want to recover your data!


SecuPerts First Aid Kit User Interface - UI
The First Aid Kit offers the following tools or features:

1.Virus scan: Malicious software such as viruses or malware are often the cause of recurring crashes
And system instability. A virus scan will check your computer for these issues and also tries to solve them.

2.Data backup and recovery: Does your computer have problems recognizing a hard drive? The data recovery has the possibility to save data even from corrupted hard drives. Backing up your data is also not a problem.

3.Network and Internet: The built-in internet browser allows you to use the internet anonymously. Your normal operating system remains unaffected, thereby espionage and malicious software stand no chance.

4.Wipe hard drive: Before you sell or dispose of your hard drive, we should remove the data first. Simple deletion of the files doesn’t grant the wanted result. The SecuPerts – First Aid Kit, however, makes sure that it will leave no file on the hard drive.

5.USB installation: If your device does not offer an optical drive, First Aid Kit can still be used. Simply install the software on a USB flash drive and you can boot it from there.

6.Remote maintenance: If you are stuck in finding the problem of your system, you can use the
remote maintenance options to let a friend assist you with troubleshooting the issues.

7.Workspace: We can use the integrated desktop mode as a workstation, where you can find various
programs like media players, e-mail clients, and internet browsers.

Get the SecuPerts First Aid Kit Full Version for Free:

Get this Windows emergency tool worth $34.99 for free, thanks to PCWELT.

First, visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email address, select the boxes (agree on terms) and click the “Request Serial Number” button.

You will then receive a confirmation email from ‘Engelmann’, check your email inbox, and click the confirmation link.

SecuPerts First Aid Kit giveaway

This confirmation link will show the Serial number, copy the code and activate the full version.

Download the First Aid Kit zip file from the PCWELT server [1.44 GB].

Extract the Zip file, and run either the “First Aid kit -Install on USB”.exe file or the “burn to DVD”.exe file.

Enter the “Serial Number”, click the Install button, and complete the ISO image “write” process.

That’s it!

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Download Now

Click on the image below the arrows and it will download automatically


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