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Model Builder and Soulstice Now Free on Epic Games Store

Model Builder and Soulstice Game free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games is giving gamers another chance to expand their library with two exciting titles now available for free through the Epic Games Store. From today until October 5, you can download the 3D modelling game Model Builder and the action RPG Soulstice at no cost.

Model Builder: Unleash Your Creativity

Immerse yourself in a soothing simulation game where you craft intricate model kits of Mobile Suit Gundam robots, tanks, and firearms at your leisure. This PC game boasts a user-friendly design, catering to novices and seasoned model kit enthusiasts alike.

Model Builder game

Explore an array of diverse model kits, each presenting its distinct set of challenges and delightful rewards. As you assemble these models, you’ll get fresh skills and techniques, unlocking a palette of paints and decals for your creative customization.


  • A variety of different model kits to build, including Mobile Suit Gundam robots, tanks, and guns
  • Easy-to-learn and play gameplay
  • A detailed tutorial that teaches players the basics of model building
  • A variety of different paints and decals to customize models
  • A relaxing and immersive atmosphere


Soulstice: A Challenging Action RPG for Hardcore Gamers

Soulstice is a challenging action RPG set in the Holy Kingdom of Keldas. Players control two sisters with unique powers and abilities as they battle their way through hordes of enemies.

Soulstice RPG

The game features a variety of different weapons and armour to choose from, as well as a deep combat system. Players will need to master their skills and use teamwork effectively in order to survive.


  • A challenging and rewarding combat system
  • A variety of different weapons and armour to choose from
  • A complex story with memorable characters
  • Stunning visuals and a haunting soundtrack
  • A co-operative multiplayer mode for two players

Grab Them While You Can!

Get your hands on these two free games via the Epic Games Store, but hurry! This deal runs for just one week, kicking off today and wrapping up on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Once you snag them, they’re yours to enjoy indefinitely. Don’t wait–add these games to your collection today!

To grab them, click the links below in your browser or open the Epic Games Store client on your desktop, find the games, pop them into your cart, and proceed to checkout.


Model Builder:



Both Model Builder and Soulstice offer unique gaming experiences that are worth checking out. And the best part? They’re free on Epic Games Store from September 28 to October 5. So why wait? Head over to Epic Games Store, grab these games, and start playing!

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