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Stardock Fences 4.12

All Windows users know this problem: over time, the desktop becomes cluttered with icons, shortcuts and documents. Stardocks Fences is a tiny but extremely effective program that helps you clean up the chaos of your desktop in style. Elements are grouped either by type or by personal criteria in shaded areas that can be created, renamed, moved and resized. Various display and sorting options allow you to create the perfect work environment that suits your habits and work style with just a few clicks!

Short list of features
• Organize shortcuts, icons, and files on your desktop for maximum order
• Create shaded areas to organize your desktop
• Define rules for organizing your desktop icons
• Blur desktop background behind categories in Windows 10
• Double-click desktop desktop to hide or show icons
• Collapse categories into headers to clear desktops
• View folder structure right inside a category
• Flip between multiple category pages
• Get instant access to your files, folders and applications with Peek by pressing the Win + Space buttons to expand all groups on top of all windows. Save time and be more productive by creating folder portals to get instant access to the content you use most.

Collapse Categories
Get rid of the clutter on your desktop, but keep your categories close at hand for easy access with the Collapse feature. Double-click a category title to collapse the rest of the category, saving you valuable workspace. To show a category again, hover your mouse cursor over its title or double-click again to see the title and all of its icons in the normal view.

Innovative Desktop Pages
Create multiple category pages on your desktop and quickly switch between them. To switch to another desktop page, simply move the mouse cursor to the edge of your desktop, click and drag. A new category page will appear. This feature gives you much more control over how you organize your favorite programs, documents, websites and more.

Quick hide desktop
Clean up your desktop instantly. Double click on an empty space on your desktop and your icons will disappear. Double click again and they will return. You can pin icons and individual categories in exclusions.

Customize your categories
Categories can act as portals to any folder on your PC. For example, folders containing your documents or photos can be displayed as a category on your desktop, allowing you to quickly access their contents without cluttering your desktop.

OS: Windows 10/11 – x64 Download Stardock Fences 4.12 (13.4 MB):

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