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dot11expert Pro for Free-Wi-Fi troubleshooter 2023

dot11Expert Pro

dot11expert Pro is a simple utility built by KC Softwares to help customers find and fix problems with their home Wi-Fi network. The company, KC Softwares, is known for making programs like SuMo and KCleaner.

Low-level network information such as signal quality (SSID), MAC address (channel), authentication (and more) is displayed in this program. This can help fix problems.

This WLAN troubleshooting tool for Windows devices gives you important information about the status of your wireless network. This can help you fix connections and keep an eye on Wi-Fi activity. It is an all-in-one Wi-Fi toolbox that helps users find out technical information about adapters and access points.

dot11Expert Pro UI

Even when they are not connected, the app can automatically find Wi-Fi networks and adapters. Still, its best feature is the huge amount of statistical data it collects about each adapter. Using this software, expert users can get access to a variety of MAC-level and PHY-level parameters that can help them figure out where their connection problem is coming from.

At the MAC layer, you can keep track of how many frames were sent and received, how many times TKIP was replayed, and how many times decryption was tried and failed. The RTS success and failure rates, error counts, and the number of multiple retries can all be monitored at the PHY layer.

For each wireless network that dot11Expert detects, information about its signal quality, authentication method (including MAC address), and encryption protocol (including AES-256 encryption) is displayed in a secondary table next to the list of network adapters. The software also provides information about the network’s type, number of access points, and 802.11 capabilities.

dot11expert Pro Features:

  • Statistics in-depth about network adapters (MAC and PHY level).
  • Automatic detection of wireless networks and access points.
  • All available networks’ RSSIs are shown in a graph.
  • Assistance with internationalization.
  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported (SP2 or later).

Users who are having trouble connecting to their Wi-Fi adapter or network will find dot11Expert to be very useful.

It can collect the information needed to learn more about how the wireless connection works and, ultimately, find the problem. You need to know a little bit about networking because the app doesn’t give any other explanations for the statistics results than what the service provider gives.

Get dot11expert Pro for Free:

Just download the software from the developer’s page:

Install and run the app, then click “Buy” and enter the information below to activate it.

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