3DF Zephyr 7.011 + Portable

3DF Zephyr 7.011 + Portable

3DF Zephyr is 3Dflow’s photogrammetry software solution for automatically restoring 3D models from photos: handle any 3D reconstruction and scanning task.

3DF Zephyr has a user-friendly interface and the ability to export to many common 3D formats or even create lossless videos without the need for external tools. In addition, 3DF Zephyr has many advanced features and you can, for example, edit your models, create true orthomosaics, digital elevation models (DTMs), manage laser scan data, and calculate areas, volumes, angles, contour lines, and more.

3DF Zephyr features:
– Automatic Structure from Motion
– Global and Incremental pipeline
– Easiest camera calibration management
– Add photos anytime
– Dense cloud generation
– Reconstruction with presets
– Advanced settings
– Custom settings
– Mesh Texturing
– Multi texturing & UDIM
– Editing tools
– Mesh filters, hole filling and photoconsistency
– Mesh filtering on selection
– Multiple layers support
– Match viewer
– Direct Sketchfab upload
– Video making & smartsnap
– Direct Youtube upload
– Masking capabilities
– Pictures import
– Video Import
– CUDA ® computation
– Exporting
– Native Laser Scan support
– Pictures and quality evaluation
– Full 360° cameras support
– External UV mapping
– Multi ICP registration
– Workspace merge
– Batch processing
– Fixed rig support
– Automatic marker detection
– Point Cloud/Mesh import
– Statistical analysis & report
– Control points, measurements & volumes
– Volume projection
– Hollow volume computation
– Project over a regular grid
– Point cloud comparison tool
– Shape from Silhouette
– Orthophoto & Orthomosaic
– Polyline drawing
– Automatic polyline extraction
– Contour lines generation
– Sections / Track sections
– DEM & multispectral viewer
– DEM profile
– EXIF GPS coordinates
– GPS exif preview
– PCS georeferencing support and conversion
– Multispectral support & calibration


Minimum system requirements:
• Windows 11/10/8.1/8 – 64 bit
• Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
• Memory: 16GB System RAM
• Hard Disk Space: 10GB free HDD Space
• Video Card: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB of RAM Download 3DF Zephyr 7.011 (458.9 MB):

Download portable program 3DF Zephyr 7.000 (349.9 MB):

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