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Shuhei Yoshida: We’re canceling a lot of games in the PlayStation section!

Shuhei Yoshida: We're canceling a lot of games in the PlayStation section!

In a new interview with Shuhei Yoshida, who is responsible for the independent developer’s games on the PlayStation, Yoshida talked about the process the company’s exclusive games are going through. He mentioned that the PlayStation company adopts new ideas, but those ideas fail!

Projects get a preliminary version, which is then previewed, and then the decision comes to approve the project and invest more time and resources in its development, or the decision comes to cancel it and stop. Yoshida mentioned that they cancel a lot of projects, and he usually tries to convince developers that he is trying to protect them from getting involved with such these projects.

Yoshida recently mentioned that the development of huge games such as God of War now requires nearly $200 million, and there is no doubt that it is logical for the company to review ideas and think about them carefully before allowing development teams to spend many years and waste a lot of money on projects whose success seems unlikely.

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