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Apr. 11th New Server RoseHeart, Version Bonus, Super Hero, Survival Challenge. Conquer Online Mobile 2023

Apr. 11th ?New Server RoseHeart, Version Bonus, Super Hero, Survival Challenge.
=====New Server RoseHeart=====
?Launch time: 3:30 Apr. 11th US Server Time.
?Please talk to NPC Henry at Twin City (445,348) and join in the exciting new server events to win abundant gift packs and gain the support of the growth fund.
=====Version Bonus=====
?Duration: Apr. 13th
?The new version is in the works. Starting from Apr. 13th, you can participate in the Premium Investment Plan and Golden Countdown event to unlock more rewards and get materials for the new version in advance.
====Super Hero====
?Duration: Apr. 11th – May. 10th
? Click “Super Hero” button to enter the event page and you will be awarded with rich rewards by completing Super Hero Quests!
====Survival Challenge====
?Duration: Apr. 11th – Apr. 24th
?Go take the survival challenges on Fearland from NPC Joker at Twin City (450,347). We will offer wonderful rewards to heroes who successfully survive!
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