Ventoy 1.0.89

Ventoy 1.0.89

Ventoy is a free utility for creating multi-boot USB drives. On bootable flash drives created with Ventoy, you can place image files from which you can later boot.

Multi-boot flash drives created with Ventoy support running images of Windows and Linux operating systems, anti-virus disks, resuscitators and other useful boot utilities. Ventoy developers have tested the correct operation of more than 500 images of popular boot images.

You can, if necessary, change the contents of the flash drive, copy and delete images from it, and also use the USB drive for its intended purpose to store any information. You can place image files anywhere on the first partition of the flash drive and Ventoy will look for them in all directories and subdirectories.

The portable utility for Windows and Linux makes it easy to create a multi-boot USB flash drive. After creating a flash drive, you can copy files of various boot images to it, without having to unpack them or prepare them in any way, and when booting a computer from this flash drive, select the required image from the list.

Ventoy Features:
• Create multiboot USB media.
• Downloading images stored on a USB drive.
• Support for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI images.
• Support for Legacy and UEFI.
• Support for UEFI Secure Boot.
• Support for MBR and GPT partitions.


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Download Ventoy 1.0.89 – Windows (15 MB):

Download Ventoy 1.0.89 – Linux (18.4 MB):

Download boot disk Ventoy 1.0.89 (186.5 MB):

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