Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate is a professional hex, decimal and binary editor for Windows. The program has the ability to select, view, edit, replace, debug and analyze data. Allows you to package in two clicks, manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo and redo. Unlimited file history with visualization and the ability to save and load it.

Key features:
• Open and efficiently process large files
• Instantly process data regardless of size
• Basic file editing capabilities
• Install a portable hex editor
• Advanced formatting and grouping options
• Extremely flexible user interface: layouts, skins, color schemes
• Instant search for specific data
• Instant search with data replacement
• Unlimited undo and redo
• Save and load history of changes
• Automatic patch creation
• Regular expression support
• View and edit file attributes
• Settings manager
• Document printing
• Multilingual user interface
• Built-in support for Windows color themes.
• Native support for high resolution displays.
• Edit files opened in external applications
• Colorize pattern (max. 3 rules)
• Find All
• Replace All
• Visual view of history of operations and modifications
• Visual options of history of operations and modifications
• Multiple selection support
• Save, load and export selection
• Basic converter
• Data inspector
• Bookmarks
• Encodings
• Advanced copy and export (raw text format)
• Advanced copy and export (formatted data format)
• Smart text paste
• Built-in explorer
• Byte editor (change bits)
• Technical support
• Open disks (physical disk editor)
• Open volumes (logical disk editor)
• Edit virtual memory (Open process )
• Opening the computer’s physical memory (RAM)
• Encrypting and decrypting data
• Logical bitwise and arithmetic operations on data
• Structure viewer (binary patterns)
• Data analysis and statistics
• Support for Kaitai structures
• Parsing new structures
• Opening Intel HEX files
• Opening Motorola S-record files
• Synchronization of editor windows
• Operation and modification history branching
• Advanced copying and export (encoded data format)
• Checksum and hash calculation
• Pattern coloring (unlimited number of rules)
• Built-in explorer (second window)
• Find in files
• Replace in files
• Support for alternate NTFS data streams.
• NTFS stream search (stream detector)
• File comparison (difference in binary, hex, text)
• x86 disassembler
• x64 disassembler
• .NET disassembler
• Parse disk structures (Volume Navigator)
• Scripts
• SDK hex editor
• Quick data annotations
• Macro recording

OS: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 Download Hex Editor Neo Ultimate (21 MB):

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