CPU-Z 2.05.0

CPU-Z 2.05.0

CPU-Z is able to show various information about your processor, such as the name and manufacturer, frequency, manufacturing process, frequency multiplier, partly determined by the “overclocking” of the processor. In addition, information about the first and second level caches, supported instruction sets, and more.

Sometimes processors with the same name hide unequal “stuffing” – different cores with different steppings, capabilities, different frequencies with the same rating, produced according to different technical processes, etc. Some of this data could be obtained by examining the inscriptions on the processor cover , but they are usually securely hidden in the system unit under the cooler and a layer of thermal paste. Therefore, a much more convenient way to obtain such information would be to use the CPU-Z utility.

Program features:

  • Precisely determines the main characteristics of the processor: name, core type and stepping, connector used, support for certain multimedia instructions, cache memory size and parameters
  • Provides data on current operating modes: processor and bus frequencies, multiplier, supply voltage
  • Provides information about the amount and current mode of operation of RAM, the contents of the SPD-blocks of memory modules. Additionally – basic information about the motherboard and a separate memory latency benchmark.



What’s new in version:
– Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids platform.
– Preliminary support for the AMD Storm Peak platform.
– Processor Zhaoxin KX-6000G/4.
– Intel Core i9-13900/K/F/KF, Core i7-13700/K/F/KF, Core i5-13600/K/F/KF, Core i5-13500, Core i5-13400 and Core i3-13100 processors .
– Intel ARC A770, A750, A580 (ACM-G10) and A380 (ACM-G11) GPUs.
– Support for >64x multipliers on AMD Ryzen 7000 processors.
– Preliminary support for NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs.

OS: Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7 , 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit). Download CPU-Z 2.05.0 (Russian version) (3.36 MB):

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