AbleBits Add-ins Collection for Outlook 2023.1.683.1248

AbleBits Add-ins Collection for Outlook 2023.1.683.1248

We’ve gathered our best add-ins for Microsoft Outlook into one collection to unleash the power of your inbox and improve your email routine. Customize your Outlook with many great features such as email templates, CC or BCC line auto-completion, checking email before sending, and more.

Create simple rules to add CC or BCC addresses to your email
Sending copies of your emails to the same people can be very time consuming and tedious because you have to type their addresses into the CC or BCC line in Outlook over and over again. Plus, there’s always the risk of forgetting to copy your boss or colleagues to a really important email. In the Outlook Add-Ins Gallery, you’ll find a solution that automatically fills in the CC and BCC fields so you don’t have to enter each person’s email address over and over again. Just create a rule in a few clicks and forget about adding CC or BCC emails. Also, you can always BCC yourself or the entire mailing list.

Spend less time writing letters
Whether you’re a Help Desk Assistant, Sales Manager, or just a heavy use of email in your daily work, Template Phrases for Outlook will save you hours of your valuable time composing and checking the same messages. All it takes is to create a collection of templates and customize details such as text formatting, hyperlinks, images, attachments, and captions. You then just need to double-click to use those ready-to-paste text snippets in your responses. You can also share Outlook email templates with colleagues, search for them in the plugin panel, and add them to your favorites.

Check email before sending
Every time your mouse hovers over the submit button, you need to check your email for dozens of critical errors that could affect your image and that of your company. If you are prone to sending quick emails without reading them, Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook will be a lifesaver for you. It always notifies you to attach a file in Outlook, add the correct greeting, use the correct address in the “To” field, send an email from the correct account or Bcc of your manager. With dozens of things to check before sending an email, one handy reminder add-on will keep your messages flawless.

Avoid “Oh no!” after sending email
If you frequently send and receive emails with multiple recipients, the Reply All feature in Outlook can be a big trap for you. Whether you need to always hit the Reply All button or try not to share email with unintended recipients, the collection of add-ons offers a solution for both parties. Just click the “Notify Reply to Everyone” button to make sure you include all initial recipients, or click “Prevent Reply to Everyone” to stop random email replies.

Manage all attachments in a message thread from one panel
Often, lengthy emails involve dozens of file attachments such as images, invoices, PDFs, Word or Excel documents. If you need to work with attachments, browsing through dozens of emails can be a very frustrating task. The Conversation Attachments add-in makes working with attachments in Outlook really efficient by displaying all the files in an email stream in one pane.

Get off your mailbox
Singling out the most important emails from the pile of incoming messages can be a real challenge. An important email alert will help you keep track of emails that need your immediate attention. It shows a notification on top of all active windows as soon as the most urgent and important emails arrive. With this smart solution, important things get through to you without having to hover over your inbox 24/7.

Viewing and setting the sender’s time zone
If you frequently communicate with people outside of your time zone, the sender’s time zone is for you. It prevents you from replying to an Outlook email at the wrong time, which can make it less likely that the recipient will open your message. The tool shows the local time of the sender and the time the message was sent.

Show and Parse Email Headers in Outlook
Every email contains Internet headers, which provide detailed information about the Internet path that the message takes between the sender and recipient. The headers indicate various issues that may need your attention, such as delivery delays or failure to pass through spam filters. However, in its original format it is quite difficult to read. As such, we’ve included an email header parser tool in the collection to display information in a user-friendly way and help you troubleshoot mail delivery issues.

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• Desktop Outlook included in Office 365
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