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New Blue Rune Megaquake (+1), Dragon Warrior Orbs and More Items are On Sale in February Grand Sale – Conquer Online 2023


Attention, heroes!
The February Grand Sale will be from Feb. 14th to Mar. 6th. You can
purchase various treasures at favorable prices in the Grand Sale. This
time we add New Blue Rune Megaquake (+1) (B), Dragon Warrior Orbs, new
Hairstyles and Weapon Accessories in the grand sale. Please go to NPC
Treasure Merchant at Twin City (334,393) for more information.
New Items On Sale:
New Blue Rune
Megaquake (+1) (B)
Rare Blue Rune: Equip this Rare Blue Rune to get the Megaquake
skill. Has a 1% chance to cause damage normally when attacking an enemy
who possesses an absolute physical defense skill (e.g., Ninja`s Shuriken
Vortex, Warrior`s Maniac Dance).
7,999 CPs

Dragon Warrior Orbs
Dawn Orb * 1
Use to increase 120 Beast Growth EXP.
7 CPs
Stellar Orb * 1
Use to increase 480 Beast Growth EXP.
28 CPs
Lunar Orb * 1
Use to increase 1440 Beast Growth EXP.
84 CPs
Solar Orb * 1 Use to increase 4320 Beast Growth EXP. 252 CPs
Weapon Accessories
-1% Blessed Block Sword (Dazzle) (1-handed) (B)
3,999 CPs
-1% Blessed Block Sword (Dazzle) (2-handed) (B)
5,999 CPs
-1% Blessed Cool Surfboard (1-Handed) (B)
3,999 CPs
-1% Blessed Cool Surfboard (2-Handed) (B)
5,999 CPs
-1% Blessed Golden Ether (1-handed) (B)
3,999 CPs
-1% Blessed Shadow Dance (1-handed) (B) 3,999 CPs
Dream Fright (Untradable)
1,999 CPs
Turkey Hunter (Untradable) 1,999 CPs



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