Event: Inspired D.W. Prelude

Duration: Feb. 7th, 2023 - Feb. 13th, 2023
Requirement: Level 80, reborn as Dragon Warrior


1. Daily Sign-in

During the event, sign in every day to get the sign-in reward!

2. Beast Trial

During the event, you can unlock a Beast Trial every day and get corresponding rewards upon completion of the trial.

After completing all trials, you can unlock beasts in the Beast Scroll and gain their recognition.

3. Celestial Wish

During the event, you can consume 1 +3 Stone, 1 Bright Star Stone, 10 Universal Rune Essences, 2 Knowledge Pills or 5 Senior Training Pills to make wishes by the Celestial Pool.
After making wishes, you will get a random number of Dragon Scales. When Dragon’s Ascension is unveiled, you can exchange Dragon Scales for rare materials in the Exchange Store.

Tip: There are 10 initial wishing chances. You can increase up to the wishing chances by unlocking beasts.