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Join in the Thanksgiving Feast for Abundant Treasures from Nov. 22nd to Dec. 5th


Greetings, heroes!

The Thanksgiving Feast event will be from Nov. 22nd to Dec. 5th. You can enjoy the feast, play card game and explore Dunhuang Dungeon for abundant treasures.

Note: You will not get rewards for sure in each break. Only the top 10 heroes who contribute more than 10% in the Dungeon can be picked for the grand reward.

New Title Reward:

Duration: Nov. 22nd to Dec. 5th

Requirement: Level 80


Beck at Twin City (355,488)

Pumpkin Elf at Twin City (356,526) 

Woody at Twin City (355,483)


Beck has prepared a Thanksgiving Feast with adventurers in Dunhuang Dungeon. You can taste the Thanksgiving food and play the interesting card game to get the Dunhuang Dungeon tickets. Explore Dunhuang Dungeon to find mysterious treasures and even a new title!

Card Game

Using Chi Tokens may earn you some Thanksgiving Coins to play the card game.

Characters BP Coins for Using Chi Tokens
<350 6 Coins
>=350 12 Coins

Ancient beast is sealed in the card. It has collected plenty of treasures over the years. If you have Thanksgiving Coins, come and play the card game to win all kinds of exotic treasures! There are Normal Games and Turkey Games. Click the Thankful Card button in game to play the game.

You will get Coins as reward when you make certain achievements.

Card Game Achievement and Rewards:

Achievements Rewards
Play 3 Normal Games 10 Coins
Play 1 Turkey Game 10 Coins
Play 10 Normal Games 10 Coins
Play 5 Turkey Games 10 Coins
Play 20 Normal Games 10 Coins
Play 10 Turkey Games 10 Coins
Play 50 Normal Games 10 Coins
Play 30 Turkey Games 10 Coins
Play 100 Normal Games 10 Coins
[Play 1 Normal Game within 20 Coins] 10 Coins

Card Game Rewards:

Get one of the rewards randomly:
+2 Stones (B), +3 Stones (B), +5 Stones (B), Bright Star Stones, Yellow Rune Packs (B), Universal Rune Essences (B), Floral Essences (B), Ginseng Essences, Dragon Fruits, Moon Fruits, Tiger Chi Liquor (B), Leopard Chi Liquor, Apsaras Amulets.

Note: Only the character that has 350 BP or more has a chance to get the Apsaras Amulets from the Card Game.

Apsaras Amulet: Use it to break the dungeon seal, expires after 23:59, Nov. 22. You can also purchase Apsaras Amulets from Woody directly.

You will get different Turkeys from Turkey Game. There are Rosemary Turkey, Lemon Turkey, Mint Turkey, Citronella Turkey and Cumin Turkey. Give the Rosemary Turkey to Pumpkin Elf and it will give you some great rewards in return.

Dunhuang Dungeon

Talk to Woody to know about the Dunhuang Dungeon. There are precious treasures in Dunhuang Dungeon. You’ll need Apsaras Amulets to break the seal on Dunhuang Dungeon. The dungeon is available from 8:00 to 24:00 every day.

There are 11 floors with different Grand Rewards in the Dungeon. One random floor will appear at a time. All the heroes in a server will enter the same floor. Use Apsaras Amulets to break the seal. After the seal is broken, one lucky hero will be picked to get the Grand Reward.

Floor Big Reward
1st Floor Big Permanent Stone (B) * 1
2nd Floor Universal Rune Essence (B) * 1000
3rd Floor +7 Stone (B) * 1
4th Floor L5 Mythsoul Pack * 1
5th Floor Awakening Selection Box (L) * 5
6th Floor Splendid Star Stone * 1
7th Floor P11 Anima * 1
8th Floor Permanent -1% Blessed Ruby Aroma (Youth) (B) * 1
9th Floor New Romantic Talent Title (B) * 1
10th Floor L4 Mythsoul Box * 1
11th Floor Permanent -1% Blessed Iridescent Ox (Luck) (B) * 1

Dunhuang Dungeion Rules:

1.All heroes can use Apsaras Amulets to break the seal and get precious treasures. Get Apsaras Amulets by playing card game or spending CPs.

2.Lucky Reward: There is a chance to trigger a lucky strike while breaking the seal, and you’ll receive some random rewards. The rewards will be sent to you via mail system.

3.Final Reward: When the seal is broken, the big reward will be randomly given to 1 hero on the seal breaking rankings. The more you contribute to seal breaking, the higher chance you will receive the big reward.

4.Dunhuang Dungeon will be refreshed if the seal is not broken within a period of time.

Note: You will not get rewards for sure in each break. Only the top 10 heroes who contribute more than 10% in the Dungeon can be picked for the grand reward.

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