Event: Path of Valiance
Duration: Oct. 11, 2022 - Oct. 24, 2022
Requirement: Level 80

Name: Hammond
Location: (TwinCity 330 436)
Function: quest guidance, reward exchange

Main Items:

Name: Valiant Badge
Description: You can get the badges through monster hunting, Valiant Improvement, Online Credit Rebate, and October Promo. Use to increase Valiant Points. Expires at 23:59, Oct. 24, 2022.

Name: Valiant Heart
Description: Submit it to join in the equipment improvement. Expires at 23:59, Oct. 24, 2022.

Event Details:

1. As Martyr Spirits became weak, the waking Goy tried to break through the seal! The world is in danger!
Please assemble to defeat Goy’s spooks in Spook Chamber and win abundant rewards!

2. You can get Valiant Badges and Valiant Points by defeating spooks and joining in Valiant Improvement events, October Promo, and Online Credit Rebate.

3. Submit Valiant Hearts to Hammond to join in the equipment improvement and grow into a great hero! For more event informetion, you can click here.

Detail Rewards:
Rewards for Rankings

No.11 L6 Mythsoul Box, 1 5-star Garment Pack, 150 Advanced Lottery Packs
No.21 L6 Mythsoul Random Pack, 1 5-star Garment Pack (B), 100 Advanced Lottery Packs
No.31 5-star Garment Pack (B), 80 Advanced Lottery Packs
No.4-51 200D 5-star Garment Pack (B), 50 Advanced Lottery Packs
No.6-101 200D 5-star Garment Pack (B), 20 Advanced Lottery Packs