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Brand New Supreme VIP Center Released on Oct. 9th – Conquer Online 2022


Attention, heroes!

We’re glad to announce that the brand new Supreme VIP Center is released on Oct. 9th. The services in the Supreme VIP Center have been fully upgraded, let’s check out the new features below.

1.The Benefits have been upgraded. Better VIP Level Rewards and more Birthday Gift options are available!

2.The exclusive discounts for Supreme VIPs are now available. After claiming the Supreme Discount Coupon in Exchange Store – High Monthly Credit Privileges or VIP 6-7 Monthly Credit Bonus, you can go to NPC Louise at Twin City (392,449) to buy packs, garments, Mount Armors and Wings to enjoy the discounts. You can save up to 1000 CPs directly a time!

3.Free 5-star Garments and Mount Armors like Robe of Darkness (Hades) (No Helmet) and Radiant Golden Retriever are available in High Monthly Credit Privileges. You can find them in Exchange Store – High Monthly Credit Privileges.

4.Misoperation Ticket: Please contact our Support before submitting it.

Misoperation Ticket Rules:

In some cases, players can apply to use the Misoperation Ticket to undo the operation. However, we cannot promise that all your misoperations can be undone. Whether it can be undone and the undo result are subject to the official.

Use Times:

Supreme Gold VIP (SVIP1): Once Per Year.

Supreme Platinum VIP (SVIP2): Once Per Half Year.

Supreme Diamond VIP (SVIP3): Once Per Quarter.


From the last time when you used the ticket, you need to wait for a certain period of time according to your SVIP level before you could use it again.

1. Upgraded SVIP: The time interval will be shortened according to your new SVIP level.

2. Unchanged SVIP: The time interval remains the same.

3. Degraded SVIP: The time interval will be prolonged according to your current SVIP level.

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