★★★ Scramble for Justice ★★★

Duration: Sept. 13th to Oct. 10th
Requirement: 1st Rebirth Level 15+
NPC: CS Quest Envoy Hans (Twin City 433,344)
Beast Scramble Vance (Twin City 438,344)
A new round of Scramble for Justice is coming. In this war, all servers will be divided into four groups. Each server is a union. All unions will compete with each other for honor and rewards.
The following is the server grouping this time:
Group 1: Immortal, Jubilation, Paradise, Thunderstriker
Group 2: SweetEscape, Wonderland, DragonRoar, GoldenApple
Group 3: Perseverance, HeatWave, MysteryRunes
Group 4: FullMoon_EU, Global_EU, Inspiration_EU, WorldPeace_EU
Note: The Beast Scramble event is held from 20:00 to 21:00, every Friday. (Local Server Time)