Attention, heroes!

The September Grand Sale will be from Sep. 20th to Oct. 3rd, you can purchase various treasures at favorable prices in the Grand Sale. This time we add the new fabulous deer mount armors in the grand sale. There are also new Weapon Accessories, 3-Star Garment, Hairstyles and Exquisite Mirror available. Please go to NPC Treasure Merchant at Twin City (334,393) for more information.

What's more, you can get Forest Defender event item Sacred Twigs from the Grand Sale, you will get 1 Sacred Twig for every 50 CPs spent in the Grand Sale.

New Items On Sale:

Deer Mount Armors

Dawn Deer (Luster) BoxOpen to get 1 permanent 1% Blessed Dawn Deer (Luster).15,999 CPs
Dream Deer (Fancy) BoxOpen to get 1 permanent 1% Blessed Dream Deer (Fancy).15,999 CPs
Lunar Deer (Glow) BoxOpen to get 1 permanent 1% Blessed Lunar Deer (Glow).15,999 CPs

Dawn Deer (Luster)

Dream Deer (Fancy)

Lunar Deer (Glow)

Exquisite Mirror

Exquisite MirrorGreat Fool gives you the mirror to help you avoid being fooled. But is this true?11,999 CPs

Weapon Accessories

Ghosthuner BoxOpen to get 1 Ghosthuner (2-Handed) (B).1,999 CPs

3-Star Garment

Kether Coat BoxOpen to get 1 Kether Coat Garment. It's not bound.1,999 CPs


Rosy Haze Hairstyle BoxOpen to get 1 Rosy Haze Hairstyle.1,999 CPs
Silver Bubble Hairstyle BoxOpen to get 1 Silver Bubble Hairstyle.1,999 CPs