Attention, heroes!

We will open a new US server LavaSea on Sep. 13th. And the new server reservation starts on Sep. 6th, please check out the details below.

You can view the event page by clicking "Event Page" button in game.

Note: One account can only make one reservation.
Step 1: 00:00 Sep. 6th, 2022 to 23:59 Sep. 12th, 2022 US Server Time
Login to the event page to reserve for gift pack.
Step 2: 00:00 Sep. 13th, 2022 to 23:59 Sep. 26th, 2022 US Server Time
1) Create a character in the new server;
2) Login to the event page to claim the gift pack;
3) Receive your gift pack from your in-game mailbox.
The more players make the reservation, the more gift packs you will get, check out the details below.
Total Reservation reaches 2,000:
Gift PackContent
2K Reservation Box+3 Stone (B) *1
Meteor Scroll (B) *5
Total Reservation reaches 5,000:
Gift PackContent
5K Reservation BoxEXP Ball (B) *10
300 CPs (B)
Total Reservation reaches 10,000:
Gift PackContent
10K Reservation BoxDB Scroll (B) *1
1000 Chi Points
Total Reservation reaches 20,000:
Gift PackContent (Free)Content (Pay 49 CPs to Upgrade the Rewards)
20K Reservation Box300 CPs (B)900 CPs (B)
1 (7-day) Bright Purple Romance (B)1 (30-day) Bright Purple Romance (B)
1 (7-day) Super Victor Alpaca (B)1 (30-day) Super Victor Alpaca (B)
1 (3-day) Destined Love wings (B)1 (15-day) Destined Love wings (B)
2 +3 Stones (B)6 +3 Stones (B)
10 EXP Ball (B)50 EXP Ball (B)
10 Meteor Scrolls (B)50 Meteor Scrolls (B)
5 Dragon Balls (B)15 Dragon Balls (B)