تحديث جديد فى كونكر اون لاين وايفنتات مميزة بتاريخ 11-8-2020 – كونكر موبايل

تحديث جديد فى كونكر اون لاين وايفنتات مميزة
اليوم معانا قائمة الايفنتات الجديد بالسيزون الجديد فى كونكر موبايل

قائمة الايفنتات 

=====Riot of Nether=====
👻Duration: Aug.11 ~ Aug.20
📣Get nice rewards for hunting monsters in the Nether Prison, please go to Zhen Wuchang at Twin City (435,368) to know more.

=====Summer Lucky Wheel=====
🚀Duration: Aug.11 ~ Aug.20
💭Time to try your luck! Win new garment FinalSurvivor, nice mount armor,
Flowers, Potency Points from the wheel! Please go to Lena at Twin City
(456,351) for more information.

=====Battle Pass=====
🔥Duration: Aug.11 ~ Sept.9
😇Completing quests, you can get decent rewards! Please go to Ancient Stele at Twin City (456,342) to know more.

Adjust the durability of equipment which dropped from monsters.

=====Fix some bugs=====
Fix the WingsofSolarDragon issue.

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