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تحديث كونكر موبايل الجديد وايفنتات جديدة وعجلة الحظ والمزيد

تحديث جديد فى كونكر موبايل
   اقوى الايفنتات الحصرية وهذه قائمة بكل الايفنتات الحاليه
=====Horn of Summer=====
😎 Duration: Jul.16 ~ Jul.31
🎃 Collect Golden Cups to support your continent! The ranked players will get abundant rewards!
👉 https://coevent.99.com/ipad/hornofsummer/

=====حرب سوبر GW=====
😜 Duration: Jul.16 ~ Aug.20
🏆 Seize the chance to win glory and Gold Cup!
=====عجلة الحظ=====
🐰 Duration: Jul.16 ~ Jul.26
🤹‍♀️ Wanna try MidsummerSuit? Try your luck with various wheels, go to Lena at Twin City (474,351) to know more.
=====اصلاح بعض المشكلات=====
 The Skill Team PK reward (Lv. 130+) issue is fixed.
🙍‍♂️ Garment KetherCoat and BuddingFlower can be enhanced with the HP attribute now.
=====دمج سيرفرات=====
🐼 We are planning to conduct a server merge on the FullMoon_EU and Throne_EU servers. The server maintenance will be extended.
🎗 After server mergence, the first three matches of Team PK, Elite PK, Guild War, and Skill Team PK rewards will be doubled.
💛 All Lv.15 New event Horn of Summer, Super Guild War, Summer Lucky Wheel, Fix bugs, server merge, and events
If you want to transfer character, please fill out the form at https://comove.99.com/ioszf/MoveCharacter/